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Frank Sidebottom Statue…Update

The campaign to build a statue for the late and great Frank Sidebottom is nearing completion.

A public fund for the statue is looking for the last donations before proceeding. More details on how you can pay from the Frank Sidebottom website.

The website sent a statement this morning:

“Hello fantasy fans,

We have now done a new bit of a website for you so things are ace

The fantastic idea to get a statue of frank sidebottom in timperley is almost ready, we still need to raise a bit more but we can do it

The whole project is a bazzing £20,000 and every penny has been raised by the fantastic fund raising events donations and selling stuff and not a penny has been taken from any grants or from the council

We now need to hit the final hurdle and get in the last bit and the brilliant ebay shop has some final items that you can now get

If you need to get more information you can contact us.”

Frank Sidebottom website.



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