Foy Vance: Manchester Gorilla – live review

Foy Vance

Manchester Gorilla

Nov 2013

Irish singer-songwriter Foy Vance visited Gorilla, Manchester on Saturday, greeted by a huddle of loyal and eager fans ready to be a part of an atmospheric and joyous evening.

Foy oozes likability from the moment heappears on stage actually playing drums for a few songs with the support act, ‘Rams Pocket Radio’.He gives off a vibe that makes you feel that what you’re in for is something nothing less than mesmerizing.

As if Vance’s crowd weren’t captivated enough, the gig is full of head turners and memorablemoments, the first of which being the appearance of Foy’s young Daughter and percussionist, EllaVance! Greeted with Fatherly hug, Ella joins the band to play the driving but graceful ‘Closed handsfull of friends’ from the new album ‘The Joy of Nothing’

The gig continues on a high throughout the evening. Filled with brilliantly written, soulful songs andfunny, quick witted anecdotes from Vance. The band had great energy and togetherness that addsto the feel of the songs. Foy makes excellent use of the fans as his own gospel choir for the night,getting everyone involved on the song ‘Shed a little light’, a particularly memorable moment.

He announces that he’ll be playing a new song, to finish before a so called “Club Night” was due tostart. The song is beautifully written and obviously heartfelt, it captivates the crowd. Then Foythrows in another head turner and integrates Frank Ocean’s ‘Thinking Bout You’ and Bruno Mars’s‘Locked out of Heaven’ into the song which goes down a storm. As the crowd carry on singing thehook, Foy explains that the band were meant to go off stage but had decided to stay on and play. Heannounces “Fuck the club night!!”

The Show comes to an end and they finish with the perfect song, ‘Guiding Light’. The band leave thestage to the crowd chanting the chorus in what Foy later described on Twitter as being like “TheHarlem Gospel Choir”

For a still relatively undiscovered artist Foy Vance really does put on a special show that isundeniably moving and unforgettable.

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