Fox news think the Tea Party are punk rock
mad hatter's tea party...

Whilst most of us remember punk as being the Clash, Crass,

Fox news think the Tea Party are punk rock
mad hatter's tea party...
Sex Pistols etc Fox news has somehow got it confused with the right wing Tea Party.

Not sure what Crass or Joe Strummer would have made of the right wing American movement but would love to have heard their song about it…

comments please…

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  1. punk rock if that means a small bunch of vastly rich people tricking a larger number of poor people that the solution to society’s ills is to cut back on the state and make things much worse for them.

    so not at all really.

    but then when would you ever go to Fox for any kind of sense. they employed Glenn Beck FFS.

  2. How ‘freedom’ equates to being prepared to pay taxes for a police force but NOT for a hospital is beyond me. ‘Tea Party’ ‘Libertarianism’ has nothing in common with its earlier anarcho-libertarian antecedents in America: the new breed see the state as an enemy of property and wealth and have yet (or ever) to appeal to non-white Americans. In addition, whilst asking Americans to question the primacy (or even legitimacy) of the state, it encourages blind faith in the primacy of a Christian (American) god who cannot be deposed or questioned, and the right of an all-powerful industrial, business and social elite to rule, with no interest in sharing the benefits of ‘liberty’ with the majority of its fellow citizens. If you’re poor, or non-white, then that’s your fault! Punk rock? Fuck the system but not Haliburton? Or god? Or wonder why those people are always so rich while we have nothing? I think not.


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