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In the spirit of peace of goodwill, this xmas saw a massive rise in the number of reported fox hunts.

It seems that the law only applies to some people and not to others.

Officially fox hunting is banned but it’s allowed to continue.

If there was anything that tells you what kind of weirdos run the country it’s this mania for making it legal to rip animals apart for fun…

cInterestingly enough if a gang of kids in a sink estate in a British city charged around on their bikes after an urban fox and cornered it and got their dogs to rip it to pieces they would end up in court and the Daily Mail would be tutting about the decline of civilisation as we know it. And yet it seems that when the ‘respectable’ classes chase animals around it’s called tradition. If a fox runs into a city would we be able to chase it around and smash it to pieces with a shovel? would we get arrested?

In a world that is full of problems bringing back fox hunting is pointless and psychotic


‘The unspeakable in pursuit of the uneatable’ once claimed Oscar Wilde and a ‘sport’ where one animal is chased by several others sat on horseback armed with packs of hounds. The bulbous bosses of our society will soon again be galloping around the countryside gripped by their strange lust for blood and the thrill of ripping an animal apart and getting blood onto their lily white hands whilst dressed in fancy dress.

This is what you call a sport? do your gods like this kind of sport?

A nation of lions led by donkeys where donkeys are portly port filled men on horses who like to kill things…

It’s hardly fair game is is? It’s not like a warrior wrestling a bear to the ground. Out of shape and out of touch these warriors of wealth would be torn apart in a  fox versus man contest.



What next? We could have sponsored gladiatorial combat with lost souls getting speared to death by stout Brits beamed on a live TV link up with alpha male pundits discussing the finer points of intestine removal or the etiquette of the thumbs up and thumbs down.




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  1. I can’t help thinking that the hunt ban ‘debate’, whilst having validity, crops up now and again to obscure our view of bigger issues, namely: the failed Tory economic policy; the privatisation of public services (of which the NHS is the biggest – but not the only – sector to get the outsourcing treatment); the strangulation (and bankruptcy) of local government and this government’s love-affair with the anti-democratic corporatocracy that is being handed power on a plate as the libertarians who serve as our elected ‘representatives’ look for more and more ways to divest themselves of the tedious job of being responsible for actually doing something that would be of genuine value to the mob and its petty concerns with health, education, housing, a future for their offspring, pensions, disabled relatives etc. You know, that boring stuff that the plebs get obsessed with, as opposed to inflation, tax cuts for celebrities and Old Etonians, and triple A ratings from discredited ratings agencies. Grownup stuff, in other words.

    By all means piss on those who wish to tear animals to pieces in the name of ‘tradition’, but don’t let’s forget that the Coalition is embarking on an even more destructive traditional ‘bloodsport’, all in the name of protecting its own interests: letting the ideology hounds loose on us, the Great British Prey.

  2. No more than a smoke screen. Cameron made similar claims, knowing full well it would mobilise rural living supporters to canvas relentlessly on his behalf to get him re-elected and it worked. And once in, his one mention of repealing it was to force Sturgeon into showing her hand and as soon as she did it was quickly shelved, never to be mentioned again till now, no doubt to once again get the rural set mobilised.

    Makes no odds to me whether they uphold or repeal the ban. Since moving to a rural area I’ve had my perceptions / misconceptions challenged. It isn’t purely for the ‘posh’, the rich or a privileged few. Certainly, there are some who could be classed as ‘posh’ and there are those who think they are posh – the latter more likely to come from a council estate rather a country estate, the social climber who thinks they’re something special when they’re not. And I’m sure some of them would be richer if it wasn’t for owning horses!

    In my encounters with the packs round here, I’ve met teachers, taxi drivers, ambulance drivers, window cleaners, plumbers and coal miners – hardly landed gentry. For most of them, the sport is the freedom to charge at full speed over open fields and jumping an impossibly high hedge or fence at the other end. For most, the fox and even the hounds are incidental, it’s like a social club on horseback, a chance to share a drink, gossip and maybe meet a future husband or wife.

    I’ve seen far more foxes killed by cars than hounds. A fit healthy fox will elude a chasing pack; I’ve watched them skip across ploughed fields that hounds have stumbled and staggered over, terrain the fox is much better adapted to than the hounds that pursue it. I’ve seen them lie up and wait for the hounds to be practically on them before slipping from their cover and completely outrunning their pursuers. They show far more intelligence than hounds, they know their territory intimately and they’re not known as cunning for nothing. If I’m honest, I give a silent cheer each time one escapes to safety. Of the three kills I’ve ever witnessed, one had a bullet lodged in it’s shoulder and couldn’t run, one inexplicably ran right into the pack and the third was hit by car that was going much too fast on a narrow country road. Other than the last one, the foxes were dispatched in much the same way as a fox kills it’s prey – the neck is broken. I’ve no doubt it can happen however of the two taken by hounds, neither were ‘ripped to pieces’. There are no wild celebrations; indeed there was an evident air of sadness at the one killed by a car and the one which ran into the pack.

    Much is made of the dress code, some of which has practical applications, from the high visibility of the hunt staffs’ coats –
    which I’m sure was particularly useful on dreary wintry days before we all had mobile phones – and stocks which act as makeshift slings in the event of injury. A lot of them have dreary, dead-end jobs and the chance to ‘dress-up’ at a weekend and go for a run reminds me of the mods in Quadrophenia, albeit with horses rather than mopeds and more port, less poppers.

    Like anything else there are some supporters I’d happily line up against a wall at dawn but they’re arseholes whatever they do. I’ve never hunted with hounds and I’d never want to, it’s not for me. The only wildlife I’ve ever shot has been with a camera, never even fired a gun at a paper target. I used to love fishing, not something I do anymore although that’s not entirely through choice. Although I wasn’t part of the pro-hunt camp, I didn’t agree with the move to ban it. Now the ban has been in place – and I ought to note that all of my above observations are in the era since the ban came in so I don’t know how different it was pre-2005 – I don’t see any sense in repealing it.

    I’ve made this reply to address some of the myths and misconceptions, often coming from people whose thoughts and opinions in other subjects I either share, respect or admire. Most hunters I’ve met are adrenaline junkies rather than bloodthirsty savages and for most – as Lemmy might have said – the chase is better than the catch.

  3. The anti hunt fraternity do not care about foxes, they care about maintaining their assumptions & prejudices towards those who support hunting.

  4. Steve, do you have insider knowledge on this amazing fact, you so assuredly print.
    Do you charge for your mind reading abilities?
    Can anyone sign you up for an evening of clairvoyance, where the dead tell you what everyone’s thinking?

    I doubt so very much! I would encourage you to keep your thoughts to yourself if your not a mind reader or maybe attend a course on MBT. (Mentalization Based Therapy) then presumably you wouldn’t spout such claptrap

    • Nice comeback Clio, next time aim a little higher & you might get close. I’m happy to expand on my comment though I’m scratching my head at where yours is trying to go. If in doubt start a fight seems to be your modus, right?

      Re/ my knowledge, I’m a farmer – Northumberland, family farm now in its second generation, 220 ewes ready to lamb in April, I lose around 6 lambs a year to foxes, last year 10. You wonder what the dead tell me, dead lambs can’t tell me anything because they are dead lambs, but I can learn more from them than reading your clumsy & reactionary ill thought out rhetoric.

      For the record, I don’t allow the hunt on my land & don’t have much time for those involved in the local hunt either. However I have less time for the monitors and anti social thugs who claim to be there to prevent hunting. You’re entitled to your opinion & you’re also entitled to mine too, just stick to facts before you press send on your next post.

      Have a fab new year.



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