Found Dead In Trunk: Fried Demon Sessions (75 or Less Records/Dagger Records)
Out Now

Former White Pigs & Sanity Assassins members come together to produce an album of no messin’ gutter punk hardcore. Bruising but brilliant reckons Adrian Bloxham.

There’s a feeling inside when a really good hardcore punk record starts. It’s like a release, the scream at the end of a really bad day or the shouting match with your partner when it hits rock bottom. You can let go and just feel it. Leap around and play air guitar, dance like a lunatic and come out bruised battered and grinning.

This music is old school American Hardcore. At least it is when the first song starts, the most straight forward influence is Black Flag. Think about it though, how many bands formed in the wake of the massive Flag carving its way around America, just America, and their influence spread far wider than that.

But that’s not all there is to this record. Not by a long shot. I like Punk that doesn’t take itself too seriously. The Damned were always my favourite of the first wave. This album has a sense of humour. Lee Malone’s vocals go from straight ahead punk style to reflecting Lux Interior’s strangeness. The voice is not muffled and swallowed up by the music as it could have easily been. Instead it’s on top so that all the lyrics can be heard and shouted along to. This is not a shadow of Punk’s past. It’s a very new monster.

”˜The Mortician’, ”˜No one wants to hang out with a mortician’….see what I mean about a sense of humour. ”˜Combat Zone’ has a riff that remembers the Ramones, leading into ”˜Bone Saw’, where Lee’s vocals go higher and give a gonzo edge to an already brilliant sound, ”˜I’ve got brand new bone saw!’

”˜Corpse Fishing’ has the best riff so far, and gets not slower, but lower, and then explodes again. The music is perfect for the vocal stylings. ”˜Jesus Loves Me’ has even more odd vocals, with the music going faster and slower, the vocals going from loud to crooning. It makes this the most unsettling song on the album. Is the band’s philosophy in ”˜Don’t Give a Fuc’? Not caring and just doing what you want?

”˜Blanket’ is straightforward thrash punk, fifty three seconds of noise. This sound carries on with the next two songs. ”˜Prescription for Suicide’ moves fast and slow, vocals twisting around the music. ”˜My Disease’ is more thrash, more obvious.

”˜Punch Me In The Face’ is built for throwing fists at the front of a gig. It’s glorious and gonzo. ”˜Cupcakes’ is masterful. Any song that goes ”˜Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie Cupcakes!’ is up there with the best I’ve heard this year. ”˜Morgan Freeman’s…’ is fast then slow then noise and I have no idea what Mr Freeman is doing, work it out for yourself, but as a whole it works. The Real Thing goes on thrashing and gets in your head. The record finishes with ”˜Girl Hunting’. A stranger softer sound, very distorted with odd vocals until the drumsticks click and the thrash breaks. Then it’s done. Fourteen tracks and the longest just over two minutes long.

This album is what you get when the four members of the band have played in White Pigs and Sanity Assassins. It’s what you get when you put four people who have been steeped in Punk in all its forms in a room together. It’s what you get when Punk remembers to laugh and smile. It’s what you deserve and have wanted if you too love this sound.
Listen to it, dance to it and give it to your friends. Spread the word, Found Dead In Trunk have arrived.

Music by the band can be streamed from their Myspace. They are also on Facebook here.

All words by Adrian Bloxham. You can read more from Adrian on LTW here.



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