The end days of the Stone Roses second coming period was messy. The last stand at Reading Festival saw the collapse of the band that defined a generation.

What was going on? what was it like if you were actually in the camp?

Keyboard player Nigel Ipinson was there for the last period of the group and on his Instagram has mentioned a book he had written about that period and also a potential third album that was recorded in 2015 that he played on but has never been released…


Former Stone Roses keyboard player Nigel Ipinson to release book about his time in band – talks about unreleased 2015 third album

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  1. Have you followed up with Nigel Ipinson-Fleming? I’m sure you can find him.
    Surely you’re not taking an anonymous post (a person claiming to be Nigel) on a Roses forum seriously?

    His instagram contains no such post. What you’ve got there a screen grab from a Roses forum.

    Please add details.


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