The former members of Welsh band Lostprophets are to return with a new band and new singer after former singer, the disgraced Ian Watkins’ conviction over child sex charges. 


The new project will feature Geoff Rickly on vocals and is a clean break from the past. Rickly is the singer with Thursday and United Nations and is working with Lee Gaze, Mike Lewis, Stuart Richardson, Jamie Oliver and Luke Johnson in the new band.

The new frontman argues that the band deserve a clean break after Watkins was last year jailed for 35 years.

He told Radio Cardiff: “It’s been my honour to work with them on their new band from a label perspective. And it’s just so good, man – people are not going to know what hit them when the new band comes out. It’s like everything I grew up on: a little bit of New Order, a little bit of Joy Division, little bit of The Cure. It’s just so forward-thinking.

“All the roots are everything I’ve ever loved from goth music. It’s just really cool. I think if ever there was a group of people that needed a second chance, it’s those guys –and they’re going to take full advantage of it. I’m really proud of them.”

He describes his current colleagues as “really good guys” and adds: “I really want to be a part of what they do. I want to be a part of their second chance.

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