Crazed drum & holler band Foot Village have been teasing the release of a new album for some time now & with news that they’ve just signed to equally experimental & equally genre unpindownable label Northern Spy it would appear they’re coming closer to doing just that. To celebrate the union of these two entities we’ve been sent a host of good things to share with you, so read on.

Those of you who are most ‘on the ball’ will remember we interviewed chief Foot Village member Brian a while back in his role as Deathbomb Arc label boss & coordinator of the well regarded experimental no-genre “Deathbomb Arc digital singles club”. Now in it’s second year the club has built on the success of its first year & is continuing to champion bands that deserve a greater audience by sending out at least two mp3’s every week, invariably by some of the worlds most exciting & challenging up and coming artists of the left field. Always different, the club has introduced me to some of my favourite new artists of the last two years & if you aren’t already on board I’d urge you to get so by signing up for this years club and by grabbing all the first years tracks (nearly 100) for a mere $10. Do so here & here.

But this post isn’t about the singles club, this is about Foot Village, the “thunderous drum-n-shout assembly from Los Angeles”, a band whose live shows are about as good as any you’ll ever see, ones that’d leave you breathless, heart pounding & pulse racing even if you were watching them recumbent on your favourite chaise Longue.

Yesterday we received the news that Foot Village have signed to Brooklyn label Northern Spy & as a celebration of such they’ve released a bunch of good things for our entertainment. These include the Webmercial below which gives you a glimpse as to what the band can do & a widget via which you can grab for yourselves a free sampler.

Foot Village have been working hard their fourth album, one that, with the change of label, is now going to be released at the start of next year (although pre-orders will begin on 21st Dec). Whether or not they’ll be embarking on their fourth UK tour after trawling the album around the US remains to be seen but as one of their number (& co-producer) is Bristol’s Matt Loveridge (who we just covered elsewhere in Louder Than War) the chances are good I’d have thought. Till then watch the two video’s below & grab the mp3.

Foot Village / Northern Spy from Deathbomb Arc on Vimeo.

And here’s a video Foot Village released last year:

Foot Village – This Song is a Drug Deal from 4eyes Media on Vimeo.

All words Guy Manchester. More words by Guy can be read here. He tweets as @guidoman & uses Tumblr.



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