Manchester Deaf Institute
Feb 2013:
live review

Folks have been so close to the breakthrough for months now that you can feel it.

As the band play their warmly received set to a busy Deaf Institute their crafted guitar songs have got everything in place. They have that northern thing about them- that deep love of the classic six string melody bands that run through the decades from the Beatles to the Stones to the Roses and beyond, that lads against the world rock n roll that is the backbone of the culture in the north west.

It’s not flash, it’s not dangerous but it’s full of crafted tunes, songs of love and life and with the sprinkling of magic that makes the stand out from the chasing pack. It has that semi trippy feel of so much great northern corporation pop, that defiant space dust that lights it up against the gloom of the everyday.

The creative force is Pete Fonda, who has been writing songs all his life and is one of those quietly determined northerners who obviously has one of those never ending Mancunian record collections that Tony Wilson used to rave about, stuffed full of dog eared and much loved classics which the band slot themselves neatly into and which frontman Scott Anderson delivers with his rasping voice.

bands like this exist beyond fashion. They exist in the real world, a world where music means everything and decorates the everyday with its quicksliver melodies. Aptly named, Folks are the sound of the people by the people for the people and have the songs that could be anthems for a generation.

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