Folks are Manchester’s best kept secret.

The internet offers up little evidence of the band whose great music I’ve heard in snatches on a mobile phone with headphones from their manager in a bar.
There is a website that offers few clues but is worth a look, a couple of the bands old demos recorded at one of our favourite studios- Toerag- are available on there, a hint at their past but no clues to their big future. Maybe we will find out soon. They will be touring at some point this year and there is talk of a release.

The band are outrageously talented, built around their gifted vocalist they are out on their own and run through several styles from the plaintive to the neo- Queens Of the Stone Age 21st century boogie. They have a raw edge but enormous songs. There is some Oasis connection but they very much have their own sound. They don’t sound Mancunian, they sound, well, international, continental, as someone once said.

There’s a few snapshots of recently joined band members and finally a dedication to our God, Captain Beefheart- what’s not to love?

Folks website



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