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The Flux Capacitors (UK) – Swimming – Video Premiere

Bristol band The Flux Capacitors, who appear to have added a UK after their name, to avoid confusion with a USA band of the same name… continue in their own unconventional way on their mission to attract more fans by making yet another video for one of the songs on their Courtesan album. (which made Louder Than War websites Top Ten Albums of the Year in 2018)

This time it is the second song ‘Swimming’ – the one with a Smell Like Teen Spirit style guitar hook and a lyric which mentions swallowing piss.

Themes, puppets,  costumes,  guest reptiles and felines from previous Flux Capacitors videos are all present and correct.   ‘the Kitten of Love’ is now a full-grown Love Cat and doesn’t seem too keen on Hazel Winters Cat Woman suit.

Mr Sausage our previous Purple Tongued Skink hero and star of several Flux videos , sadly had a skin shedding prior engagement but chatting to a lovely old bass playing mate Emma Mountjoy from my Scouting For Boys days mentioned her daughter Abi works with reptiles…. as we still had a padded cell in my bedroom it felt like the best thing to do would be invite them all along to join the party

Michael McNeil (not to be confused with the keyboard player from Simple Minds) plays the bespectacled Health & Safety Batman, whilst band Guitar Tech, Melody Consultant and Welfare Officer Gerard Starkie looks fab as the Joker.

It’s another audio-visual feast of fantasy, creatures and superheroes to disguise the fact that it’s a song with serious subject matter…. why is the narrator hanging naked off a balcony tonight?

Hazel gives another of her cryptic replies..

That moment when the silverback gorilla in the primate enclosure stops banging his big chest and starts flinging excrement at you . This is when you need to be Catwoman Underwater

Anyway, here it is… Enjoy… as you try to fathom (get it!) what it’s all about.

Courtesan Album Review

Buy digitally or on CD from here

Official Website

Previous video exclusive for Telephone Triage Assessment

The Flux Capacitors Gigs

Saturday 1st June 2019 (supporting Alternative TV) – The Crofters Rights, Bristol  – Tickets 
 Saturday 15th June 2019  The Moon, Cardiff  -Event page
Saturday 29th June  – the Exchange , Bristol – Event page  – part of Vegetable Stock 2.0  The second edition of our vegan festival. Two stages of plant-based live music and vegan food all day at The Exchange. All proceeds to Bristol Hunt Saboteurs) with – Emy Lou Robbins- Down With Gravity, HeyBus, The Love Handles, Grandmas House, The Wine Mums, IDestroy, as well as The Flux Capacitors – UK )


All words  Ged Babey

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