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Fluvster: Mighty Mite  (Lost Moment Records)

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As I said before: ‘Fluvster is a one-off, an artistic nomad, a space-cadet politico, a hippy-punk jester’. On this, his latest and possibly his best work, he seems to be getting a bit more downbeat and serious. Sitting Duck still rhymes with give-a-fuck though. 

Just ten songs. Full of swearing. Loads of random ideas. No one-genre formula. Freeform, freedom-fighting, free from constraints and expectations – hippy, raver, grunger, stoner, punk, one man band.

There’s no big budget, no fine-tuning – this is plug-in, play, record, release kinda stuff. Only it can’t be, because Fluvster plays all the instruments!  It still has that loose feel of a one-take jam – but one that works and the result is that-sounds-great.

There is a childlike naivety about some of the song-lyrics: repeated phrases and obvious rhymes, punctuated with profanity. But it’s instantly likeable.  Take opener ‘Brazen’ (the video for which is a year old and features footage of a now-fallen, man-baby, hippo-POTUS whose fuckface I don’t ever want to see again to be honest)

Nice Crass-like drumming, a Patrik FitzGerald type vocal – and some great wicky-wicky-wack scratching giving it another level of syncopation.

High Orifices has an almost plaintive hook adapted from a Stooges number and has a kind of slacker krautrock vibe.  It’s as if the song has a subconscious lethargy -from all the energy expended raging against everything for years…

Alaskan Thunderfuck is a Fluvster monsterpiece.  Doomy keyboard rumbles from the bowels of the earth and a sluggish, sludge-metal riff.  John Carpenter movie music and a song about a new herbal remedy or cocktail.

High Flyer is treacly funk with phlanger and a glam-rock chorus. An attack on ambition and greed personified.

Tuck Shop kinda reminds me of Sleaford Mods Mork and Mindy track, in that its a journey back to childhood but pointing to that initial experience being an introduction to the seduction of consumerism: addiction to sugar and shopping.

Dress It Up.  A mix of electronics, dub and guitar – which lyrically covers hedonistic highs but hints at morning after regret and emptiness. A few echoes of Carter USM on this one!

Another Day (Blown Away) –  Continues on the same theme. Sounds weirdly like a Sonic Youth / Krautrock/ New Order amalgam – fades itself out at 4 minutes 14, but possibly went on for an hour!

Mitie Mite – Twelve minutes of trippy repetition and an airy dubby feel with spiralling reverb – (and a bit of Clock DVA style nose-flute!) nice Sunday joint music and I aint talking beef. Fluvster in-excelsis.

Sitting Duck  – a more jaunty pissed-off post-punk knockabout number with guitar and keyboard competing for attention – the stationary waterfowl in question of course  ‘don’t give a fuck’ and ‘lies face down in the muck’.

Sand Walker – this is the track which is a revelation.  A gentle, sad, slow and serious vibe to this lament.  Gentle picking and smooth synth.  Seems to be about loneliness and ageing. ‘Standing by an ocean of emptiness, dreaming of a sea of love…’.  It’s surprisingly moving and makes you wanna give Fluv a hug.

Everyone, I imagine, knows someone a bit like the Fluvster: a dude who is funny and full of manic energy until he has his daily intake of weed.

Fluvster: Mighty Mite – album reviewHe lives in Amsterdam and looks more like his plasticine caricature every day. This album gives you a more rounded idea of the man behind the music.  He is talented and inspirational – yet has his moments of doubt & pain, anger & frustration as well as the all-important wild times of making-merry and uninhibited ‘spliffing’ abandon.

A Mighty album from a unique talent.  James from EMF once said of the Fluvsters music that it ‘makes me wanna take drugs’.  I think it’s the opposite – it replaces the need for them – Fluv is the Drug. The music is the trip… Just Say Yes!  Choose Life. Choose Fluvster!

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All words Ged Babey

UK govt ‘Honest information about drugs’

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