Some of the best music getting made in the world today is in the drone rock sphere- Earth, Ohm, Sunn O))) and many others are breaking barriers and boundaries with heavily atmospheric, dark drone music. It’s mesmerising and thrilling and hanging on the precipice of beautiful and dark collapse. When drone moves from the one note heavy drones into near slowed down rock it flowers into a rare beauty – a kind of post drone!

Perhaps, and this is a moot argument! the first of these post drone rock was this 1968 masterpiece from a very pre – ‘Rumours’ Fleetwood Mac – a haunting instrumental that hit number one in the UK. The song has gathered a smouldering power through the decades and a spectral beauty that hangs in the hair that suddenly sounds very contemporary again.


  1. Can you not go back further? “Albatross” was “heavily influenced” (i.e. almost lifted) from Santo And Johnny’s “Sleepwalk”, a US No 1 from 1959, and a regular in the sets of many guitarists/ guitar bands, ever since.


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