Stone Roses- key figures talk about the band
Stone Roses- key figures talk about the band

Flaming Lips, the American prog indie band who are covering the Stone Roses debut album seem less than enthusiastic about the task.

Their singer,  Wayne Coyne, told The Sun  “The one we’re working on now is the Stone Roses’ first record. I don’t really love them but I guess I do by loving their music. It’s virtually the same song over and over again. If you like one song, you’ll probably like all of them. If you hate one, you’ll hate them all.”
Not why they they are bothering to cover the album really…any ideas?
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  1. The Sun newspaper’s so called journalist Gordon Smart has been running a hate campaign against the Stone Roses since he was ostracized for printing photos of Mani’s mother’s funeral, when he said he wouldn’t show them. The blokes aKnob!

  2. The flaming lips!! Really!! Are they even qualified to talk about the roses? We all know the yanks dont get it so move along…


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