Flaming Lips announce cemetery gigDon’t you love it when a band goes to a little bit of effort to put on a gig?
Instead of falling out of the tour bus into the local enormodome they carefully consider the venue, the location on the understanding that the choices they make can either enhance or frankly ruin the gig.
There are a number of bands that continually put in this extra little bit of effort: The Coral playing in circus big top in New Brighton, The Bunnymen have played in intimate cafes, stretched the gig over an entire day at numerous locations, The Stone Roses at Spike Island ”“ All these are fine examples, however they pale when you compare that to The Flaming Lips.

Not content with a gig this summer at Jodrell Bank Centre For Astrophysics ”“ home to the 76mt Lovell Radio Telescope the Lips will have an all-star audience when they perform their ‘Everyone You Know Someday Will Die’ shows at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery next month.

The Hollywood Forever Cemetery at 6000 Santa Monica Blvd is the final resting place of many big Hollywood stars and musicians like Don Adams, Cecil B. DeMille, Mel Blanc, Estelle Getty, Jane Mansfield, Dee Dee and Johnny Ramone, Nelson Riddle, Fay Wray and Rudolph Valentino.

The Flaming Lips will perform at the cemetery for 2 nights on 14/15 June 2011

The June 14 show will feature their 1999 album ‘The Soft Bulletin’ in its entirety.
The June 15 show will focus on their recent interpretation of the Pink Floyd classic ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’.

Fans can purchase a single day ticket for $40, a two-day pass for $80 or a Special Ticket Bundle Package featuring the two-day ticket and a exclusive Flaming Lips (life size) Gummy Skull with USB featuring ‘The Soft Bulletin: Live La Fantastique de Institution 2011’ limited edition, only available for this show.

Tickets available HERE

The Gummy Skull houses a USB drive and inside includes a flavoured Gummy brain. It weighs 7lbs and yes it is edible!!

With the event taking place in the USA, the land that invented ”ËœHealth & Safety’ (Remember the McDonalds ”Ëœhot coffee’ warning) it even comes with the following guidance:

“Warning! You may wish to consult a registered physician before attempting to consume several pounds of congealed corn syrup, sugar, citric acid and vegetable oil in a single serving as 29g of carbohydrates at approximately 2500 calories may cause undesirable and unhealthful results. Side effects may include: dizziness, bloating, sweating, vomiting, temporary food-induced coma-like inability to move from the sofa or floor, discoloration of the teeth or bowel movements of an unusual hue. For best recommended results, immediately place USB drive into a compatible playback device set to maximum volume. Instant boogie will ease physical discomfort and enhance a heightened sense of euphoric well-being. Good luck”

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Phil Newall is 47, from The Wirral - he earns his living not writing about music nor playing music...though sorely wishes he could. He was fortunate enough to see many of the first generation punk bands when they played the U18's matinee shows at Eric's, Liverpool. As an attendee at Eric's he was exposed to punk rock, dub reggae, art rock, and all manner of weirdness; as a customer at Probe Records he was variously served and scowled at by Pete Wylie and Pete Burns - he has written for Record Collector, Whisperin & Hollerin, and Spiral Scratch and wanted to write a book detailing the Liverpool punk scene; however with 'Head-On' Julian Cope beat him to it...and frankly did a much better job.


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