FixersFixers: The Sun, The Moon, The Wind, The Sea

(Dolphin Love Records)


Out Now

As we wander ever further into the stagnant, murky waters of 2021, a large dose of multi-coloured escapism is required from time to time. Enter Fixers. Back with a bang, these crafty Oxfordian psych poppers have just let rip with their long-awaited second album, the follow up to 2012’s We’ll Be The Moon. Thankfully, it doesn’t disappoint.

Continuing where the first album left off (the melancholy chime of Good Night serves as an intro to the opening track, You And I), this second effort opens up a psychedelic broom cupboard of sound, vision, noise and colour, taking the listener on an acid-spiked train journey into the inner realm, and then back home in time for tea and cakes. Synth soaked psych-pop delights such as Swan and This Is Warmth sound like the Merry Pranksters hijacking an OMD recording session, whilst Jack Goldstein’s falsetto reaches new heights on the likes of the filthy glam stomp of Altruistic Love and the Beach Boys campfire singalong of Hex.

Elsewhere, silver and gold collide with squelch and harmony on the epic Rosetti Fields, while A Touch Of Your Invisible recalls Ram-era McCartney with its willow patterned pop harmonies reaching for the starry sky. Twisted carnival vibes abound on the gloriously unhinged Skies Above, only for the album to end with the lilting torch ballad It Won’t Be Long, eventually building up to an epic crescendo.

Fixers have triumphed again, serving up a gloriously optimistic psychedelic salad to take away the four walls of the present, a wet dream for nightmarish times. Well worth the wait.

The Sun, The Moon, The Wind, The Sea is available to buy digital and on limited edition gold vinyl on the band’s Bandcamp page.

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All words by Sean Diamond. More writing by Sean can be found at his author’s archive.

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  1. Great being reminded of these. I can’t remember if I saw them the 1st time around but you have reminded me to dig out ‘Crystals’ – A forgotten classic xx


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