Angry punk poet Garry Johnson is to release a stinging attack on both Prince Harry’s call for the restoration of National Service and the Conservative government.
East Londoner Johnson, the first manager of the Stone Roses, has come out of retirement to record the single as “a double punch” of protest.
The A-sided single features ‘National Service – A Reply to Prince Harry’ coupled with an updated version of Garry’s poem ‘The Young Conservatives’ which will be delivered over dub reggae.
It includes scathing lines such as ‘Just like the days before the war/The Tory Party still stands for/Mass unemployment and poverty/A “Them & Us” society’ and ‘Silver spooned and bottle-fed, the Daily Mail is always read/By Young Conservatives born to win/Another world they’re living in.’
The Cockney poet and author, who found fame on the punk circuit in the early 1980s, said last night: “Cameron’s Conservative Party of Bullingdon bullies have no understanding of life at the bottom of the pile. For them to try and sell themselves as the voice of the working class is an insult, a farce.
“Like Prince Harry, they see working class youth as just fodder for the dole queue or the army.”
‘National Service’ has been given a new punk arrangement by Insane Society and includes the stanza: ‘Soldiers wearing pin-stripe suits/Want us to wear marching boots/Army life they say is fun/Clear the streets of all the young/We want you to go to war/And kill another country’s poor’
Garry, 53, said: “I haven’t been well but this week’s news has got me out of my sick bed. I want this single to be a double punch against the class who want to grind us down. There is a new wave of angry working class poets like JB Barrington from Salford and we need to make our voices heard.
“We’re Poets Against Austerity.”
He went on: “There is a new wave of protest emerging. Louise Distras has punk roots and is making the same points with her Dreams From The Factory Floor album.”
Barrington himself tweeted this week: “National Service doesn’t work, it’s too expensive to tax payers & it’s an antiquated concept, a bit like #PrinceHarry then & the rest of ’em.”
The dub reggae version of ‘The Young Conservatives’ has been arranged by producer Clyde Ward. The single will be released in June via Cadiz.

he will be appearing at Rebellion

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