The Frank Sidebotom film starring Michael fassbinder as Frank is really happening.

below is the first still form the film.

We think the head doesn’t look quit right…what do you think?

Still with Jon Ronson wqritng the script things should work out well in the end.

First still from Michael Fassbinder Frank Sidebottom film released

The film, written by Jon Ronson and Peter Straughan, centres on Gleeson’s young musician as he joins a pop group led by Fassbender’s enigmatic Frank.

The film is based on the life of Chris Sievey, who fronted punk group The Freshies and created his own comic persona, Frank Sidebottom.

Frank began production this week in New Mexico and will be released in the UK through Artificial Eye.

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  1. No, this head is bobbins! I am really looking forward to this, but am very disappointed that Frank’s head is not right! I understand that ‘Frank’ in this film is not strictly Frank Sidebottom, and a fantasy character amalgamated from other sources, but why give him an almost identical papier mache head with peculiar non FS eyes? I can’t believe that his eyes are copyright separate from the rest of his image. Plus you can famously get a A4 free download of eyes from Franks lovely website. We used to have a set blutacked to our hoover!

  2. The head looks too smooth – it should be rough papier mâché.

    Another question – is New Mexico a proxy for Lancastrian moorland?

  3. The head is terrible. I spent a week making one and wore it at a carnival event at Timperley… As a fan I tried to get it as ‘Franktastic’ as possible. But this? Blimey. I hope they put more effort into the script then. Thank you.

  4. Why does the head look so shit?

    Does a disservice to the memory and legend of Frank.

    I don’t care what liberties they take with the truth: a bio of Chris should be as separate from reality as he himself was, but don’t fuck with the iconography.

  5. Hello, Frank’s head doesn’t look like Frank’s head because it isn’t Frank. It’s a fictional film about a fictional man who wears a head a bit like Frank’s head. The film was inspired by Frank, and by my time in his band, but it’s not a Frank biopic. It’s inspired by other people too – like Daniel Johnston…


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