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MOVE Film Festival – Preview

MOVE Film Festival    Home Manchester Monday 10th June 2019 4:00pm and 6:00pm                             ...

November – film review

November (2017) Director: Rainer Sarnet Cast: Rea Lest, Jörgen Liik, Dieter Laser Format: Dual format Language: Estonian with optional English subtitles Run Time: 115...

Ben Crompton – Game Of Thrones – interview

English actor and standup comedian Ben Crompton portrays "Dolorous" Eddison Tollett in Game of Thrones, the hit HBO fantasy series currently enjoying its eighth and final outing on Sky TV. Rob Wilson interviews Ben for Louder Than War!

Cujo Limited Edition Box Set – film review

Cujo (1983) Director: Lewis Teague Cast: Dee Wallace, Danny Pintauro, Daniel Hugh-Kelly, Running Time: 91 minutes Format: Blu-ray Release Date: 29th April 2019 8/10 Jamie Havlin takes a look at a...

The White Reindeer – film review

The White Reindeer (1952) Director: Erik Blomberg Cast: Mirjami Kuosmanen, Kalervo Nissilä Language: Finnish with optional English subtitles Runtime: 108 minutes Release Date: 8/04/19 Format: Dual format 8/10 Jamie Havlin takes a...

Invada Records & Lakeshore Records Announce Release Of Soundtrack From Acclaimed Series ‘Hanna’

Invada Records and Lakeshore Records have announced details of their forthcoming 'Hanna: Season 1 (Music From the Amazon Original Series) release which features an...

Wheels on Meals: re-release – film review

Wheels on Meals (1984) Director: Sammo Hung Cast: Jackie Chan, Yuen Biao, Sammo Hung Language: Cantonese / English Year: 1984 Runtime: 107 minutes Format:...

Sink the Bismarck! – film review

Sink the Bismarck! (1960) Director: Lewis Gilbert Cast: Kenneth More, Dana Wynter, Carl Möhner Runtime: 97 minutes Format: Blu-ray Release Date: 11/03/2019 8/10 Jamie Havlin...

Being Frank – The Chris Sievey Story: film review

Being Frank follows the life of comedian Frank Sidebottom and his creator Chris Sievey. Nigel Carr reviews the release for Louder Than War.

Watch! The New Trailer for Being Frank – Frank Sidebottom Film, Out March 29th

The long-awaited film Being Frank - The Chris Sievey Story charting the rise and fall of Frank Sidebottom finally gets a cinema release on March 29th. Take a look at the new trailer which was released today:

Human Desire – film review

Human Desire (1954) Director: Fritz Lang Cast: Glenn Ford, Gloria Grahame, Broderick Crawford Runtime: 90 minutes Format: Blu-ray Release Date: 11/02/2019 8/10 Jamie Havlin assesses a startlingly dark, late film noir...

Shoah: The Four Sisters – film review

Shoah: Four Sisters (2018) Director: Claude Lanzmann Language: French / German / English / Hebrew (with optional English subtitles) Runtime: 273 minutes Release Date: 18/02/2019 9/10 Jamie Havlin assesses a...





Fold: The Prize – single review

Fold: The Prize (Fold FM) Digital Download/Streaming Available now Yorkshire’s Fold are an intoxicating musical blend of funk,...

Duncan Reid & the Big Heads: Don’t Blame Yourself – album review and interview

Duncan Reid and the Big Heads: Don't Blame Yourself Little Big Head Records Out Now LP/CD/DL Duncan...

Jonny Banger: Diary of a Bootlegger – book review

Diary of a Bootlegger (Rough Trade Books) Out Now Diary of a Bootlegger tells a story...

Nile Marr : interview about his new EP and a musician’s life

The most important thing is that you come away with art. I’m getting to the age where there’s no point complaining about a lack of something happening, no excuse for it if you’re not going to do it yourself. I’ve always had that DIY approach to my own music.”