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Fightmilk have digitally released Overbite, the 3rd single from their delayed 2nd album, Contender, which is due 14th May via Reckless Yes.

OK, so I know when writing for Louder Than War we should be impartial, like a referee I guess, but sometimes it’s hard not to show your colours. I fucking love Fightmilk.

Ever since seeing Fightmilk supporting Art Brut at YES! In Manchester in early 2019, they have been my favourite current band. I’d only been offered a ticket that night at the 11th hour and accepted as I knew Charlie, then the Wedding Present drummer, was part of the main act. I had no expectations but it was a cracking gig and fell in love with the Kirsty MacColl influenced lyrics; catchy tunes and fun extruded from the support band immediately. For the first time since a teenager I bought an album from the merch stand. (If you’re interested, that last one was the single Hey Girl from a band called The Thanes who were supporting the Soup Dragons at Manchester International in 1987).

As at all good merch stands, it was the lead singer on point. In this case Lily Rae, the coolest front person/woman since Sleeper’s Louise Wener. Since then Fightmilk’s debut, Not With That Attitude, has been played at least a couple of times a week; along with the 2020 singles I’m Starting To Think You Don’t Even Want To Go To Space and If You Had A Sister.

The current single Overbite, is accompanied by a superb video from illustrator & designer Jono Ganz. The track is a great addition to the Fightmilk canon, with uptempo, catchy hooks and harmonies galore. The cascading guitars (Alex) effortlessly mixing with the drums (Nick) and bass (Healey) underpinning Lily’s vocals. It’ll stay with you for days once you’ve heard it!

With 3 strong singles taken from the album already, Contender, due on 14th May is on course to be a knockout of an album.


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All words by Iain Key. See his Author Profile here author’s archive or on Twitter as @iainkey.

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