For the very first time, tracks from the beloved Peaky Blinders Series 1 are being released. Here at Louder Than War, we are proud to premiere the first video from the band behind the magic. London quartet Feverist unleash track, ‘Arthur’s Hanging’ as the exciting beginning of what’s to come. 

I think it’s fair to say, I don’t need to explain what Peaky Blinders is. Even if you have been living under a rock, you’ve still been streaming the show and swooning over Tommy Shelby. Today marks the release of Feverist’s new single, ‘Arthur’s Hanging’ and for those keen eared amongst you, you may recognise the song. In a heart-breaking scene within the first series of Peaky Blinders, Arthur Shelby attempts to take his own life and this track is the melancholy ensemble bookending that tragic moment. 

The self-produced song that was recorded early last year is a dusky portrayal with a mysterious allure that highlights the darker moments represented in the well-loved series. With a haunting ballad magnetism that could make the track sit comfortably alongside tracks from Radiohead’s Hail To the Thief, the bold vocals help accompany its dark aesthetic. The track choice comes after a flush of interest from fans. Vocalist, Dan Mills explains, “We literally had 1000s of messages about ‘Arthur’s [Hanging]’ coming into our Facebook over the last couple of years. It really connected with people so felt like the right choice for a first single.” 

The accompanying video showcases the one-take live recording of ‘Arthur’s Hanging’ in Mi7 studios. “We decided we’d try and capture [the track] in the most honest, succinct way possible, doing it live just felt like a nice way to do that,” Mills admits. The band have been tucked away in Mi7 Studios, also creating the soundtrack for the new Peaky Blinder’s video game (release date to be announced soon) whilst also working on their own album.

‘Arthur’s Hanging’ is the first of a double whammy of tracks to be released. Next to follow is ‘Tell Me a Thing About Love’, the song that closes Series 1 and is yet another tune the band are releasing after a high demand of fans were outrageously keen to listen to the songs within the show.

We’ve recorded about three different versions of ‘Tell Me A Thing About Love’, it’s a very different animal to ‘Arthur’s [Hanging]’ and more of a studio thing. Too many moving parts happening for us to recreate it live in the room in that way,” Mills states when speaking of the next single that is to hopefully be released in May.

Feverist are the band behind the magic and now it’s time to get them known. With albums, singles and soundtracks in the pipeline, now is a better time than ever to get on the Feverist train with its one way ticket to success.

Stream the track HERE

Words by Jasmine Hodge



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