Fever Ray

Fever Ray

Albert Hall, Manchester

21 March 2018

After a hiatus of almost a decade, Fever Ray played a short tour of the UK taking in Manchester’s Albert Hall.  Throughout the eventing, clad in white oversized shorts and cropped t-shirt, Karin Dreijer, Helena Gutarra (clad in an outsized body builder prosthetic) and Maryam Nikandish shimmered in and out of the foreground as Fever Ray leapt from the flames, summoned onto the stage in an intensely and increasingly intimate performance backed by two samba percussionists and keyboards.  

Ray has something to tell you. Fever Ray has something to say.  Fever Ray has a secret to share. Perhaps a fragment of myth from a cracked Swedish forest floor, criss-crossed with Eastern keyboard smears and beats like bones. Bones on bones. Totemic.

Ray has something to tell you. Fever Ray has something to say. She leans towards you, hunches, draws you closer, close enough to grab a shock of your hair and kick you to the floor.

Amongst the tribal clatter of bones there is unity. In the brief silence the light is red. Laser red totem poles and laser red wig wam. We move closer to the fire. The clatter of bones intensifies, deeper, more unified as the three women entwine and unfurl, touching, writhing.  Until now it is clear, we have been dancing around the fringes, still stacking the kindling.  Now the initiation, now the ceremony begins.  Postions are taken, identities switched.  Harmony, discord, anticipation and desire.  Theses are the rites.  And between audience and performer, the gap is closed.  Beneath our feet there are hot, hot coals.

There are animal silhouettes and spinning wings, silver and red, catching the lights, constellations in their folds, hypnotic spirals, dreaming you in.  Fever Ray is from the other side, from through the flames, from different place.  On nights like this, once in each ten years, Fever Ray is here.  Fever Ray is here.

Plunge is out now on Rabid Records.  Watch the video for IDK About You here:

Fever Ray has a website: feverray.com and is on Twitter as @feverray.


All words by Lee Ashworth. More writing by Lee Ashworth can be found at his author’s archive. Lee Ashworth is also on twitter as @Lee_Ashworth_ and has a website here.




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