Felix Hagan & The Family: My Lords And Ladies – new video release

Felix Hagan & The Family are the garish and insanely camp musical outfit who, if Broadway sounded a lot more like this, make me kinda wish I dug musical theatre in a big way. The music toes a thin line between addictively catchy and just down-right creepy. My Lords And Ladies, the third video from latest EP String Up The Entertainer, is the epitome of that exact sentiment in both terms of the song itself and the somewhat delightfully devilish grotesque visuals.

Opening with what sounds like the piano riff from ‘I Will Survive’ and soon followed by the sound of a lady getting aroused, the song tells a tale of debauchery and sexual experimentation. The video follows a similar suit but blows this out of the water like a grenade in a pond, with Felix Hagan playing the role of a chef in a downtown restaurant who decides to spike his (mushy pea looking) main course with a sprinkle of mysterious gold powder which has the same effect as triple dropping high strength viagra. The diners are soon hit with carnal fever and proceed to strip, kiss and bang in scenes that would make the writers of movies4men’s erotic thrillers blush.

But don’t take my word for it, watch the video here. Just have a box of tissues at the ready, My Lords and Ladies…



Felix Hagan’s on Facebook and Bandcamp.

Words by Ian Critchley, find his Louder Than War archive here.


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