Tuesday, February 25, 2020
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Beak> Announce UK Tour Dates

Beak> have announced a UK tour which will see them take their third album >>> on the road shortly after its release. The November UK tour...

Throbbing Gristle Release ‘Oltre La Morte, Birth and Death’

Throbbing Gristle have shared the prepared piano piece ‘Oltre La Morte, Birth and Death’ – digitally available for the first time - ahead of...

David Stubbs: Mars by 1980: The Story of Electronic Music – book review

Stubbs' other great achievement is his complete lack of musical snobbery which can be apparent in many a book about a specific genre. He writes as lovingly and precisely about the works of Miles Davis as he does Fatboy Slim never comparing their inherent, or lack of, "greatness" instead just placing them as pieces in the giant puzzle that is the story of electronic music and one which has pieces being added every second of every day. Essential reading.

Things we didn’t know a month ago: June 2018

Keith Goldhanger reports on one or two recent musical discoveries in between gluing himself to a big screen to watch the football and forgetting the results before bedtime.

Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond – One Writers Perspective

Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond is a beautiful and poignant documentary. Its power not only lies in the footage which was originally recorded by Kaufman's partner Lynne Margulies (played by Courtney Love in Man on the Moon) and the scenes showing Carrey (in full Andy Kaufman character) meeting Kaufman's family. It is a beautiful film because of its central message.

Neil Campbell & Richard Youngs: Six Scores – album review

Six Scores - the latest collaboration from two of the UK’s most brain-mangling underground artists is gloriously off-the-wall.

Underworld: Beaucoup Fish – reissue review

It is music for the mind and the pelvis. Thinking and shagging. Dance music so sexual and cerebral that they have never been equaled.

Twin Peaks Season Three: One Writer’s Opinion

This was the most spectacular of magic tricks. An illusion that left you breathless and feeling childlike again

Palm Honey: Hot Simian Weather – single review

Louder Than War’s Ioan Humphreys gets to listen to Reading's Palm Honey's latest single and freaky video.

This Is A Love Song: The Heart In The Machine

Love is life and right now the world needs both those who want to live right and those who want to celebrate love. Peace x

Dispossession: The Great Housing Swindle – film review

Heartbreaking, informative, powerful, and with a wonderful score by Mickey O'Brien, this is as an important a film as you will ever see

Chitter Chatter and the Curse of the Talkies

After a recent Radiohead gig both Simon Tucker and John Robb made comments on those in attendance who seemed more interested in a conversation...





WATCH : video for Joe Gideon new single

Joe Gideon whose recent Manchester gig got a rave review on LTW here, has a great off the wall video for his new single here... With songs that switch from tombstone blues to pastoral psychedelia to sparse post-punk to grinding grooves. Songs of tension and release, lyrical bon mots and rhythmic power and imagination with very English melodies entwined around the songs

Legpuppy : interview with ‘dark Stereolab meets the lost Velvet Underground’

adventures of the Electronic/ Psych/ Punk outfit Legpuppy...............................................

Brett Marvin & The Thunderbolts : The Sonet Anthology – album review

Brett Marvin & The Thunderbolts - The Sonet Anthology Grapefruit 6CD/DL Released 28th February 2020 This boxset of...

Peel Slowly And See Festival 2020 Review – Featuring Shortparis

Peel Slowly and See festival in Leiden delivers a great edition, with Shortparis and Neighbours Burning Neighbours.

Fat Tuesday Festival : Hastings – live review

Now firmly established after five years as a key part of the European showcase circuit and also one of the great winter town festivals, Fat Tuesday has put the spotlight on and transformed a local south coast music scene