Prophets Of Rage © Naomi Dryden-SmithI know we are living in dumbed down times but how could anyone have missed this?

Some fans seem to be shocked to discover that Rage Against the Machine seem to have a political content to their songs!

The band aren’t exactly subtle when it comes to their political leanings – we mean, it’s right there in the name.

RATM guitarist Tom Morello hit back at a former fan who was furious at the ‘political BS’ that the band, famous for songs like Killing In The Name (about police brutality) and Bulls On Parade (a critique of the tactics of world leaders and the US military), were spouting.

The former Rage fan named Scott tweeted at Morello: ‘I use to be a fan until your political opinions come out. Music is my sanctuary and the last thing I want to hear is political bs when i’m listening to music.  As far as i’m concerned you and Pink are completely done. Keep running your mouth and ruining your fan base.’



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  1. I have some sympathy for Scott. I think I’d be equally upset if I were to find out that for example Crass, The Redskins and Billy Bragg had any sort of political opinions ;)

  2. There are a lot of really uninformed naive people. And that’s how the mainstream political parties like it

  3. Jesus-christ.did this individual spend years listening to RATM and not realise they were attempting to disseminate ‘political’points of view.i think he must have imagined or dreamt he listened to a band more concerned with love,lies and cuddly pink elephants.then woke up.DICKHEAD!


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