Fans refused entry to Vaccines gig for not knowing Album titles!


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Sometimes you read something on Facebook and think: “No, surely this is a joke…!”
That was my very response when I saw this today.  It would appear that the Publicity Department at Venue Cymru are experimenting with new ways to lose money.  I have never …ever …in my entire life heard of anything so ridiculous as asking people to take an I.Q. test before admitting them – even though they have a perfectly valid, paid-for, ticket!

And how, I wonder,  did they select the people in the queue to harass in this way?    Did Andy Bellis and the other five who were refused entry look like pick-pockets?  I would have thought that a major requirement of being a pick-pocket is that you strive not to look like one!

In fact, by their very action yesterday, the Venue Cymru Gestapo have just ensured that any future pick-pockets thinking of targeting the theatre will simply swot up on whichever band is performing before hand.  That way they will get in, whilst the poor concert-goer who cares more about the music than the names of the band members, will get ejected.

If they really want to ethnicly cleanse their audiences, perhaps they should also exclude anyone who is black, yellow, too tall, too short, ginger, or who looks as if they might be gay!

I’ve got a better idea:  They should exclude (from their payroll) anybody who has their head so far up their own arse to have come up with such a shitty idea!

This was Venue Cymru’s response on their Facebook page today:

Venue Cymru was made aware that pickpockets may attempt to operate in the arena during the Vaccines gig. In order to ensure the safety and security of our customers we carried out random checks of those in the queue. As a result 6 people were refused admission and a further two people were ejected from the building. Security were working closely with the police and licensing officers throughout the evening.

You can follow the drama on Andy Bellis’ Facebook page:

  • Until such time Venue Cymru publicly apologise, sack the perpetrators of this lunacy and promise never to do such a thing again, I have pulled all the venue’s listings from the Hairy Photographer’s What’s On Guide.
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  1. Im astounded by this. I hope the venue are appropriately embarrassed enough to refund those poor gig goers.
    I cannot think of any business operator who would think that was even remotely reasonable behavior.

  2. What a silly venue. They could ave put warning notices up, made some announcements over the PA system. The list is endless to help the customer. It’s not rocket science you know!! Inexperienced venue perchance?

  3. Even worse than refusing fans entry, according to the comments on the venues FB page, the same security staff also confiscated a 17 yr old girls bag which contained her diabetes medicine, even though she told them what it was and what it was for. That is beyond belief.

  4. Absolute Fucking muppets. Wrong on every fucking level. Lets turn the tables on the tit whose idea this was. We know you and we know your fucking type and guess what – we think your an anal cunt. I bet you even know thecatalogue No’s of every ffucking record you’ve ever bought. So what if you can’t name album titles it doesn’t mean jack shit-its the music that matters. Not to you though is it? You don’t want the “wrong sort” do you? You probably quite like it that festivals are a bit corporate now especially as you can probably get freebies. Well pal it would be much better if you just fucked off and left the rest of us to have a good time , no titles required and no strings attached. Muppet!

  5. I never would have thought this would escalate as quickly and as far as it has just from my single angry Facebook status update! I’m chuft so many people have got involved and backed me up on this so I’m going to use tis while it’s still up in the air to get a bit of my own band promotion in.. The irony is, my band is called ‘The Uninvited’! Haha Here is a video httpss://


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