Madonna_-_Rebel_Heart_(Official_Album_Cover)Madonna’s award winning tour hit a curveball in Manchester tonight when a broken video system saw the superstar arrive on stage one hour late.

Fans were not happy.

Many of them left and the rest booed the superstar with the hour delay causing travel chaos for fans who live in the real world.

Madonna, of course, reacted in her time honoured way calling her fans “diva b******s”, adding “The video crashed. We had no video and we had to wait until we could reboot. No selfish diva b**** reason. If you diva b****es want to keep complaining about it don’t come to my show.”.

An earlier announcement was made that the show wouldn’t end until 11.30pm, according to reports from irate fans inside the venue which is just too late for many fans travelling a long way and missing last trains. LTW is left wondering why you have to have a’video system’ to play a gig….

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  1. But it’s not a ‘gig’ (despite a top quality band in tow), it’s a ‘show’.

    Two very different beasts.

    And having seen it at the O2, it’s fucking excellent


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