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Louder Than War has for a long time had a soft spot for Bristol noiseniks Falling Stacks, a soft spot that, following the recent released debut album, has suddenly grown even larger. We have an interview in the pipeline, but before that sees the light go day here’s Adrian Bloxham’s verdict on the album.

Falling Stacks start their record like they mean to go on, stuttering music on the verge of falling completely to pieces. It’s guitars are turned up loud and the drummer is echoing and leading the music, not so much with a beat as a tantrum. The vocal is strained and on the edge, all together it makes a near wonderful racket.

Falling Stacks sound angry and disgusted. The music echoes this, seemingly having a tantrum of its own. It eases back in ‘Dust Motes’ to give an almost childlike rhythm, then trips into a distorted Led Zep on ‘Silverware’ and hits every mark between. Frantic, and falling to pieces, the interaction between the instruments brings to mind the experimentation of the good post punk bands, the moving away from dull thrash and letting emotions run deep into the sound. It’s a difficult first listen just because it’s so volatile, but it grows on you tenfold.

This sounds like the dysfunctional children of Nomeansno and the Minutemen are running around in a studio creating a masterwork. It’s honestly that warped and strange. The songs are built around whichever instrument decides to take the lead, it’s great and makes for inspired listening, inspired and challenging, it’s never in the least bit boring.

Falling Stacks sound like they are having an enormous amount of fun. The spirit is of an anarchic bunch of delinquents doing whatever the hell they want to in the studio. You know how when the latest big thing say that when recording their album they just “did what felt right and didn’t worry about what anyone else thought”? And you know how you always thought that was bollocks? Well, Falling Stacks sound like they did exactly that and to be completely honest that’s why you should own this record.

A glorious, beautiful mess. Bursting out of the grooves and into your head.

You can find Falling Stacks on the interweb here: They are also on Facebook and Tweet as @fallingstacks.

All words by Adrian Bloxham. More writing by Adrian can be found at his author’s archive.


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