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Back in October 2012 we reviewed the first EP by one of the most exciting bands I, who’s privilege it is to be part of the Louder Than War editorial team, have heard for some time. Said band, Falling Stacks, have now released their second EP & naturally, despite it being less than 6 months since we last featured them on these hallowed webpages, I’d feel remiss if I didn’t point you in their direction again. Indeed, I’ll probably keep on directing y’all  to their music until, well, at least until they’re invited to headline Glastonbury (he says, tongue in cheek, pretty sure that they’d turn turn down said offer were it ever to materialise).

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Ok, so as anyone who knows me will tell you, the chances of any band I really really like ending up being invited to headline Glastonbury are slim to say the least. It’d take a serious sea change in popular taste for a band as loud, shouty, crunching, piledriving, snide of vocal & irregular of rhythm to ever win the nation in general’s affections. But shit me, I tell ya what, by being so blinkered ‘the nation’ are seriously missing a trick coz this is really good stuff. And frankly, if it’s the kind of stuff you like, (ie a contemporary version of post no wave, post hardcore, post 80’s noise experimentalists) it’s unlikely you’ll find a better example of it.

To quoth Adrian from his review of EP1 over on Louder Than War last year:

“If you were cutting your teeth on the hard edge of Big Black, the lunacy of Jesus Lizard and the agit-groove of Fugazi then there is a place in your blackened heart for Falling Stacks.”

That kind of nails what Falling Stacks were about but they’ve moved on a bit now. They’re still got those spine tinglingly powerful electric jolts of lead guitar that yer band Big Black excelled at & the same band’s dalliance with ‘proper tunes masquerading as noise’ but they’re now also borrowing from the ouevre of bands such as Slint in their intelligent use of syncopated & fluctuating instrumentation and they’re mixing it also with the kind of almost sneering lyrical delivery of yer early (Hip Priest era) Fall – basically when the Fall were all rough, ready, a bit frayed around the edges & generally speaking never better.

As you can probably imagine they share with other bands of their ilk the fact that they’re even better live than recorded & I promise you that if you go see Falling Stacks live you’ll wind up with a massive flurry of excitement in your stomach (& no doubt a smile of your faces) as the angular assault interspersed with calmer interludes crescendo’s it’s way to each track’s climax. It’s the kind of music that forces sweat to break out on your brow just listening to it – even if you’re not dancing yer face off to it. (He speculates, not being able to confirm that with personal experience)

If you’re a fan of any kind of noise rock you need a bit of Falling Stacks in your lives and this EP, the first on their own label INY (I’m Not Yelling) label following an amicable parting from the increasingly highly regarded Howling Owl Records, would be as good a place to start as any.


The EP can be bought from the band’s Bandcamp page but as their are only 50 of the buggers you ought to hurry over sharpish to claim yourselves one.

The band have (fucking go) show’s in the pipeline:

Apr 14th, The Stag & Hounds beer fest, Bristol, UK
Apr 26
 The Croft
 Bristol, UK
May 31
 The Moon Club, 
Cardiff, UK
Aug 29 
Fernhill Farm
, Somerset, UK

Falling Stacks can, inevitably, be found on Facebook, Twitter & Soundcloud.

All words Guy Manchester. More of Guy’s writing on Louder Than War can be read in his author’s archive here. He tweets as @guid0man & uses Tumblr.

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    At least LOUDWIRE aren’t sitting round with their thumb as well as their head up their arse.


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