Faerground Accidents

 Sheffield Tramlines festival

July 2014

We celebrate the return of Faerground Accidents who we covered two years ago in Louder Than War.



During Tramlines 2014, the inner city festival held annually in Sheffield, I was very fortunate to see Faerground Accidents on 3 consecutive nights. Each show blew me away so much I had to write this down.

Fronted by the mesmerising Bomar Faer, who belts the songs out in his slightly camp, yet strangely beautiful voice, they are a prime example of a truly original act.

Bomar is a stunning sight in his blue leopard-type print dress, glasses and lipstick and he looks equally comfortable strumming his guitar or glugging from his bottle of Rose wine (frequently!).

The songs are varied from the fantastically titled “We Hate The Same Things” (the brilliant new single, hopfull out soon), the manically- charged “Hormones” to the ballard-esque “Please Stay”, a beautiful song of failing love. Although they are diverse, they still maintain the unique style of the band.

The rhythm section of Breezy on drums and Daniel Botteril on bass provide a bouncy, high quality backdrop. Over this Bomar, guitarist Muzz (ex Artery maestro Murray Fenton) and keyboardist  Henrietta Rowlatt (along with her pot dog Clive on her ironing board!)weave a twisted sonic lunacy that is clever enough to be provoking but still makes you want to dance.

The band ooze star quality and if they aren’t the next big thing it will only emphasise the current problems in the music industry. Someone in the audience told me after, “Best thing I’ve heard and seen in ages. It’s been a long time since I got excited by a current band”. I can only agree.

Pulp may have hung up their hats, but Bomar Faer is the new King of Indie-Pop Perfection. Along with his band of oddballs, Faerground Accidents are the rightful successor as Sheffield’s quirky superstars – go see ’em!

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  1. Yeah, maybe.
    But no one from Sheff has ever come close to the genuinely unique, deranged genius of Simon Fothergill.
    Ah, it was so long ago…

  2. Since posting this, it has come to my attention that Clive has amicably left the band, citing musical differences as the only reason.


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