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A full year ago more or less ago to the day Colin Gibbins staged the first almost complete Factory records discography, its all about his love for a label that’s shaped his life and raising profits for charity with this his second show, a collection of Factory rare releases to the more known pieces looked stunning set out in the Ice works venue which ran all May bank holiday. LTW went along to check it all out and to speak to Colin about making it happen

Great to see the exhibition up again Col

well its been a year since I did the first Fac collection exhibition at Ducie bridge and what happened during that period is that I’ve had Trevor Johnson come on board who was one of the original designers at Factory records and was so enthusiastic about it he felt it had to be seen in a bigger environment and talked about a getting the the collection possibly documented in a catalogue.
The actual 20th year anniversary is this year not last year as I originally thought, in proper Factory mode I had the right date but ‘I got it wrong’…haha, 91 was the Palatine booklet release and 92 was when the label demised, on the 2nd of November.

the exhibition looks great, whats the origins of this bank holiday Fac show

Well we approached the charities in the Manchester area and Forever Manchester helped us greatly, Nick Massey who’s ‘Forever Manchester’ Director, and his team, found me the Ice Plant where actually the Happy Mondays used to rehearse back in the day along with other Manchester bands. They’ve been massive getting this off the ground by funding the display units and other costs like insuring the records, material and everything in the exhibition, but everyone has given their time for nothing for this.
Staging it all week wasn’t possible so we did it over band holiday weekend, but its been a very humbling experience having these people on board who really wanted to help and in True Factory faith we’ve got it together which runs in conjunction with the show we did last year, it felt it should be around the weekend of the Monday’s gig because of fans in the city that day. I wanted to give it that Hacienda feel to it and asked Phil Grunshaw to DJ who was around the Mondays from the early days up and did his own recordings and pictures of them back in then day.

Then brochure we’ve put together with Trevor Johnson’s help, which we’ve called the ‘ factvm’, is some thing I’m real proud of getting together, collating the full Fac discography. There’s all the stories about me following the Happy Mondays when Phil Saxe made me aware of them from 85 and getting the collection together. Peter Hooks been really great writing the forewords, also sent me a nice letter of best wishes but right now he is on tour so couldn’t make it, as well Peter Saville who gave his backing to the catalogue.

what about the 3 or 4 pieces you still needed for the collection last year, did you eventually get your hands on them

Yeah, they’re all complete, its just a waiting game, Ive still got all the white label promos to collect and DAT tapes, I’ve only got a few of them but yeah…Ive got every issue in one format.

featuring original black and yellow tape!

You’ve put everything into this haven’t you, Time, Money, hard work

It has been a bit of a long hard slog, I haven’t earned any money for then last month with regards to earning a wage because I’ve been so busy with this, the catalogue, the event and everything else, people have had a full week off work helping to get it together, 15 helpers who have all been great.

So How about an actual Fac number for the event then, catalogue and everything about the collection

I Would love that to be the case but I was told by Oliver, Tony’s son that the numbers were buried with him,but maybe one day some of the fans will sort out some of these numbers that weren’t allocated.

Where is the Factory egg timer?

what you hoping to raise through this Colin

Up to know we’ve generated up to £700 and that’s just to now, the Forever Manchester team have told me they have manged to collect up to £500 hundred already and at this point were only 24 hours into it, so its all looking good and were hoping more can be done in the future maybe.

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