Renowned Factory Records graphic designer Trevor Johnson has recently launched an exhibition to mark the 40th anniversary of the Factory label with a varied selection of photos, record sleeves and other work. Situated at The Modernist gallery at 58 Port Street, Manchester, the show opened on the 7th of November and runs until the 23rd of December.

Trevor (pic below) tells how the exhibition has all come together – From a few social conversations aboutFactory’s 40th anniversary, it was felt by all that there should be some form of celebration in Manchester this year. So In keeping with the spirit of praxis, whilst acknowledging the design legacy and cultural influence of the label, more than a display of ephemera it’s a reflection of the fun, diversity and creativity of those times around the city.


A great exhibition,. I love the way Trevor has mixed it up with surprises like Fac 191 The Hacienda Cat, it’s a 40th year Factory anniversary exhibition put together with love – ex factory Records ex Hacienda Tracey Donnelly


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