Factory Floor help celebrate 50th birthday

Bristol’s Arnolfini Gallery celebrates its 50th Birthday this September, and as is befitting of such an occasion they are putting on a selection of events including a rather special gig featuring Factory Floor”¦

The gallery website states the gig will be “A suitably off-piste and art-haus 50th birthday party bill featuring a score of class acts from music’s underworld: pulverising machine groove from London’s Factory Floor, radioactive torchsong caught in the dub-punk echo from Bristol’s Anika, and unpredictable subversion with added bass weight from who-knows-where’s Hype Williams. New girl on the block H initiates us with impro-ritual sounds from lo-fi spheres, while Optimo’s JD Twitch ices the cake and spins the plates till late”

Tickets are available now £8 ADV


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