find Chris Brahney- spread the word
find Chris Brahney- spread the word

Chris Brahney-RIP
Chris Brahney-RIP

The Facebook campaign to get Stone Roses single One Love to top of charts in memory of Chris Brahney has been cancelled after a request from someone close to the family.

The campaign which was motivated by genuine emotion had already run into complications with some trolls on the internet saying the band were trying to profit from the situation showing how cynical people are these days. The band had nothing to do with the Facebook campaign which was motivated by genuine fans trying to pay tribute.

In another development the bottled atmosphere from the gig that was on dale on ebay has also been pulled because of the death of the young fan and the feeling that it wasn’t appropriate to sell the item.

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  1. That’s just great & proves me right & my point! though it’s a hollow victory when a young man a similar age to my eldest Son is now dead – how that could turn into such stupidity & people falling out so spectacularly is anyone’s guess! Wtf drop me as a friend & start being nasty in private messages because I declined to support this ‘friend’s’ Facebook page?! Just ludicrous!

    There was another campaign already up for ‘She Bangs The Drum’ to get to #1 when Mr Campbell, who didn’t know Chris, or his family, jumped on the band waggon & put up his page – I thought both were insensitive, which has now proved right as family have requested their removals – I was the only one to click on ‘not attending’ on that event, after having his missing poster as my profile picture since first realising Chris had disappeared, & doing all I could to help find him. I gave my reasons too, mainly that with singles getting to #1 there is always money involved, that the move/gesture to donate any money gained from it should come from the band themselves, (never did I say the band would want any of the money – because I am not them, I cannot speak for them!)…& that the family come first & foremost & should be left alone to come to terms with what has happened to them – guess that makes me a Troll! Haha

    Stephen’s vendetta against me was uncalled for, all I did was be honest & gave my reasons upon Facebook’s prompting – he’d (Stephen) threatened that he would rope people in “go public” to make me look the bad guy for having some compassion & empathy & I guess he got what he wanted, & threw his toys out of the pram/took his ball home lol but not before I’d told him publicly on that page that he should feel ashamed of himself for his behaviour there, & elsewhere, also that the death if an innocent young man should not be turned into the Stephen Campbell show! I got quite a lot of support for my comments – of which there were only three, my initial post giving the reason for my declining to ‘attend’ as mentioned above, one agreeing with another guy who’d also voiced similar concerns to my own, & another condemning Stephen’s behaviour, also mentioned above!
    (‘like’s & private messages, all very nice to be supported – no horrible ones from strangers, they were from Stephen – I reported them when they first appeared after he’d deleted me as a ‘friend’ *boohoo* lol)
    It’s absurd – people jump to conclusions and are just plain stupid sometimes!

    & now this article when the family have demonstrated that they just want people to have some respect….guess that’s hard to find in the world of today!

    What a shame, now I need something to restore my faith in humanity again, it happens, rarely, but it can happen sometimes…

    Like I said elsewhere before…Rest in Paradise Bright Star…Peace

  2. I know steve pretty well, and he organises annual charity gigs (anonymously) for a terminal kids hospice and collects items for auction for them too. he’s got a poorly kid who uses the hospice. he wont do any radio or anything unless its really necessary, cos he gets embarrassed about it all. think anyone who actually **knows** him will tell you he doesn’t do it to raise his profile or for any attention or owt, that’s just mad. he’s the least “nasty” person I’ve ever met, and no doubt anyone reading all this crap who knows him will agree. sorry to hear he deleted you (from what?) but can’t really see how attacking him in public like this is right. most people on the event page I saw were right behind it and your just sounding like a bitter hag for being unfollowed or deleted or whatever. your outburst above is 3 times longer than the article! whatever your beef is with him (and its pretty clear its you going mental for being “deleted” cos you admitted it above) you might just have to accept in this case your wrong. I’m gonna ask him what actually happened here and report back cos this is slanderous and just bang out of order.


  4. I was part of the group/campaign (or whatever it was) to get this track to No.1 as a tribute to Chris and thought it was a lovely idea. It’s pretty obvious it was started for the right reasons. As this article says – it was a purely human response to a tragedy and almost everyone else who saw it supported it; including many “big” names within the music industry like NME, XFM Radio, J.Robb, C.Boon, T.Burgess etc, so they at least musnt have seen anything morally bankrupt in the motives. Last time I looked there were about 15 or 16 declined invitations from many many thousands, so the first post on here that she was the only one who declined is incorrect straight away. Also attacking the lad who started it based on the fact you were the only one on your friend list with your profile pic changed to the search party poster – and cause he deleted you – just smacks of bitterness and pure spite. Unfair. I know for a fact the lad who started it took part in the actual physical searches for Chris Brahney cos we spoke to him at a couple about this No.1 idea to raise funds for reward money when his whereabouts were still unknown, so claiming the moral high ground just cause you changed your profile pic is a bit pathetic really. Did you get off your arse and join the search parties? No? He did. Fair play to him, as soon as the family said they wanted it to stop I got a notification the event had been cancelled. Others who were setting up tribute pages and charity pages didn’t stop theirs. Looking back now I think he should defo have got permission from the family before going ahead with it, but I’m not going to beat him up for being a human being. Bunny boiler – haha, haven’t heard that in years! Seems appropriate though. Scary. I wonder if whoever wrote this article thought that by mentioning trolls they’d attract at least one here. Do they Google the word looking for stuff to comment on? Sign of the times I suppose, these brave keyboard warriors who look for anything that doesnt match their opinion to spit venom at. Sad. Strange how something tragic like this affects people. At the end of the day, someone tried to do something positive from a really negative situation and then gets (very publicly) slaughtered by someone who’s clearly got ulterior motives. People – delete this person at your own risk! ;o)

  5. Lisa. Just so we’re clear, and for anyone who’s currently on your friend list who might be reading this (God help them…), what would you rather have them do? Contact you first to ask if it’s OK to remove you, or warn you so that you can remove them – thus saving face? I find it really distasteful that you’re slating someone who you’ve obviously got a personal dislike for simply because he tried to do something good. If your post is anything to go by, I don’t really blame him! This campaign is still trending on Twitter, therefore proving the overwhelming majority thought it a nice tribute. The simple fact of these matters are always the same. Trolls come out waving their arms around in protest at anyone raising their head high enough to be shot at, however misguided or innocent their motives might be. BUT, someone has to do these things or nobody would ever do anything! Troll indeed. RIP Chris. x

  6. haha, what ghouls, you think you phase me?! I put on the first ‘Cities in the park’ way back in ’91, now that phased me a bit, without that would there have even been any further gigs in Heaton Park? People uninvolved in the entertainment industry do not seem to realise that money plays a big part whether people would like it to or not, it sullies everything…at the very time of the gig I had been reviewing the photographic contract the Roses management wanted all photographers to sign, waiving all rights to the images they’d created, basically their own artwork! There is always an awful lot which goes on behind the scenes.

    What you people also have not been party to are his (your friend’s) comments regarding this young, sick, & disabled daughter of his. I’d first had reservations about having any professional connections with this said friend of yours, after witnessing his referring to her as a “lazy cow” because she wasn’t downstairs & ready to meet him one morning he was visiting her care home, now I was raised to never refer to anyone as a “cow” or a “pig”, least of all one of my own offspring! Shortly afterwards he starts up this FB Roses campaign page without the go ahead from the band’s management, nor even the grieving family. A family who’d already requested that people leave them alone to grieve. He did not, but carried on regardless ignoring all requests until FB forcibly removed both pages at the request of Chris’ family, a family, any sane person with a modicum of compassion would surely agree, did not need any extra stress at that most nightmarish moment of their lives. At this moment my mind was fully made up that he would be playing no part in my future business ventures. Thus I had nothing more to do with him as I knew I could not work with somebody as unprofessional & lacking in feeling.

    My business, my profession, my choice, Haters go hang, I could’t give a hoot about what some nobody unattached to me personally or professionally thinks or says :) xx


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