The Eyelids Suffer

The Eyelidssuffer (1)

Suffer (Autonomonster Records) CD/DL

Released: 12 July 2019

 Louder Than War Bomb Rating 4

Keeping pure rock n roll alive down Cornwall way.

The Eyelids have been kicking up a rockin’ storm down in Cornwall for a few years now, honing their garage/psychobilly/rockabilly/roots rock chops to within a plectrum of Lux Interior backed by Link Wray. The four piece all-female band – Kelly Green on vox, Sharon Kellaway on guitar, Louise Fowler on double bass and Michelle Fowler on drums – are set to release their latest offering and it’s some of the best stuff they’ve recorded.

Curated Oblivion opens the EP with a driving beat that sounds like a manic Johnny Too Bad on speed. It’s a drag race car rocking to the end of the road and oblivion or victory. You Make Me A Zombie has a drum beat and bass rhythm like an off kilter heart beat that builds tension under the surfabilly guitar. It has great moments of syncopation, building up then dropping you off the top of a tall building. There is subtlety and power here. It’s cool as fuck.  Love it like the undead. The Last Time has a sense of brooding like a hot, sultry night. There is a slightly melancholic feel to it. The rim shot drums are like chattering bones or the noise of sticks on grinning skulls. The guitar is pure rockabilly perfection. The title track Suffer opens with a great garage rockabilly guitar. Then the drums and double bass kick in and we’re on a road to garage-a-billy heaven. It’s a breathless tune.

The Eyelids bring back the great joy of 50s and 60s garage music; a bunch of not-so-juvenile delinquents with brains sent crazy by the devil’s music and drowning in garage frenzy. The garage/psychobilly sound is the music of youthful exuberance and love of schlock horror, cheap thrills, fast cars, cool dudes and hip girls – it’s a celebration of a musical form that is rock n roll at its most primitive and visceral. As the age of youth witnesses the first stirrings of rebellion against old farts, so rockabilly/garage is rock n roll’s even more rebellious twin, the one the family hides away in the basement.

The Eyelids are a great band with drums like rumbling thunder, bass slapping like a downpour of rain on freshly turned graveyard earth, guitar like slicing lightning and a voice like a demon twinned with an angel.

Dig it, brothers and sisters.


You can find The Eyelids online here and on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

All words by Mark Ray. More writing by Mark Ray can be found at his author archive. And he can be found on Twitter.

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