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Exitmusic: Passage (Secretly Canadian)
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There’s a new album by dreamy ethereal indie pop band Exitmusic. Find a review of it below.

You know where you are with Exitmusic. They come from a strong lineage of dreamy ethereal pop that delicately treads the line between euphoria and crushing melancholia. But what makes their debut LP Passage stand out and could even put the band in the same league as the best in the field is the fact that they hit the mark and don’t fall into the trap of meandering into breathy navel-gazing.

There’s progress and development in the songs. We start in one place and end up in another. We’re constantly moving forward ”“ sometimes we’re thrust, sometimes we’re floating. But at whatever speed, we’re always moving forward and the songs never find themselves in a cul-de-sac of soundscapes.

There are planetary aches and there are heart-gulps. Some songs feel to have a cast of hundreds, while others feel desperately alone. Sometimes this jars a little, soaring for miles in one song to touching noses in the next. But it feels like a texture thing ”“ the New York duo don’t want to cheat us into slipping into a comfort zone.

The stronger songs feel to be those where the ambition is more local than celestial, in the songs that sound whispered underneath bedsheets, as if not to wake the rest of the world and it is just for you right in that moment.

Similar feelings resonate between many of the songs but that’s not to say that there are motifs throughout the album, it’s the architectural way each sound is dealt with – there is space and there is subtlety. In silence, a murmur speaks volumes.

All words Brad Birch. More articles by Brad can be found here.


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