Exclusive Stream Of New Album Riot Of Colour by Cyril SnearTo a certain extent Cyril Snear highlight what Louder Than War are all about – championing bands from outside of London before anyone else has got whiff of how great they are. That statement makes it sound like Cyril Snear are a new band. They aren’t. In fact they’re onto their second release now, Riot of Colour, and we’re thrilled that they’re allowing us to exclusively stream the album for a week before it receives it’s proper release, 15th April. 

Quoting directly from the press release, Riot Of Colour is “…a record that, within its beguiling matrix of shape shifting electronics, warped instrumental structures and metal-leaning bite, chimes with the ‘no future’ fear of western society’s twenty-somethings, with lyrics searching for optimism amongst the social and political betrayals, and subsequent disillusionment in 21st century Britain.”

Hard to categorise (although the genre that’ll probably come to mind when you first hear them will probably be “math rock”)  Riot Of Colour “are content to lurk in the margins” – so apologies to the band for today drawing them out centre stage. Frankly though, & I think you’ll agree, it’s where they belong to be. The music veers from in your face confrontational passages to more ambient moments, guitars usually to the fore but not so much so that they dominate the electronic side of the band. It’s a clever blend & one I imagine that works especially well live – something those of you who live in Manchester will be able to see for yourselves as the album’s being officially launched in their home town this Saturday (see below for ticket details).

Going back to the press release again, the album is said to “recall everything from Deftones and Tool to veteran electronic labels like Warp and Ninja Tune, there’s plenty to suggest a sensory overload in their own music. Yet there’s a well-held cohesion through Riot Of Colour, portraying a band confident enough in their ability to get their message through their dexterities.”

All that remains now is for you to click “play” the Soundcloud widget below & see if you agree.

The LP is launched with a special show at the Deaf Institute this Saturday, April 13th
 for which you can buy tickets here.

The album can be bought at Cyril Snear’s Bandcamp here.

Also worth noting the rather wonderful artwork is designed by Manchester artist himHallows.

Cyril Snear’s website is here. They can also be found on Facebook, Twitter & Youtube.

All words Guy Manchester. More words by Guy can be read here. He tweets as @guid0man & uses Tumblr.

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Guy is a former full time member of the Louder Than War editorial team, who's since moved on to pastures new. Music's been a large part of his life since he first stumbled across Peel on his tranny as a fifteen year old. His whole approach to music was learnt from Peel in fact, which includes having as inclusive a taste in music as possible. Guy devotes most of his time looking for new music & although he's been known to say "the only good music is new music" he pretty much accepts this is bollocks. Favourite band The Minutemen.


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