EXCLUSIVE stream of Jonas Carping All the Time in the World

A few weeks ago we posted a New Artist of the Day feature on Jonas Carping.

A singer-songwriter from Sweden, Carping had just released ‘The Sting’, the lead single from his forthcoming album All The Time In The World.

A duet with Sigrid Nilsson, it’s a sad tale of a love lost and a beautiful song thanks to the contrasting vocals and emotional content. There’s some nice strings in there and a good rhythm section, giving the song a lot of depth and adding to the emotional tone.

Jonas has been in touch and given us an exclusive stream of his album (one of only two sites selected in the UK), which is due for release on Monday 24th September.

The album itself can be summed up fairly easily. It’s stunning. From about 20 seconds into the opening track ‘Left In Here’ I was absolutely on board and over the course of the following 35 minutes or so I was blown away by the sheer beauty of the music. It never rests on it’s laurels and it managed to genuinely move me like no other album has in a long time.

There are slow, sombre tracks with beautiful cello and violin. There are also more upbeat tracks like ‘The One’, which is hopeful and will have you singing along.

Jonas Carping’s voice is as adaptable and varied as the music he’s playing. Resonant and rich on one track, then cracking with emotion on another it’s always gripping and you’ll hang on every lyric. Each track has a depth and complexity that demands you listen again and again.

There is simply nothing bad about this album and we’re very honoured to have the full stream, which you can check out below. If you like what you hear, please pick up a copy and support the record, which is being self released on CD and through various digital outlets.

You can buy Jonas Carping’s album from here or here and download it from here.

Check Jonas out on his website, Soundcloud or follow him on Twitter.

All words by Steve Mcgillivray. You can read more from Steve on LTW here.

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