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Despite his reputation, it’s rare that Morrissey lets the political trouble the contents of his albums – well, would you? New single – indeed, his first single for some five years – ‘World Peace is None of Your Business’ may well be the most explicitly political release of his career to date. Cinematic, brooding and in parts anthemic, ‘World Peace is None of Your Business’ is a strong first offering from the forthcoming album of the same name. Certainly, Morrissey’s penchant for sonic grandeur has returned; gone are the heavy, guttural Johnny Thunders guitars on which 2009’s ‘Years of Refusal’ was criticised for an over-reliance on.

Though much of the music press will continue to instantly dismiss them on the grounds of not being the Smiths, Morrissey’s current band is his strongest in nearly twenty years, with only the brilliant Boz Boorer present from the old guard, and anyone who’s seen Morrissey in the last five years will recognise the high drama present in this track. “World peace is none of your business” seethes Morrissey as Ennio Morricone drums give way to a gorgeously lilting vocal melody and crashing guitars, “you must not meddle with arrangements”.  Save for a lyrical head-scratcher in “stun you with their stun guns” (what else do stun guns do?), this is lyrically remarkably well observed and manages to rhyme ‘Ukraine’ with ‘pain’ in a way that avoids crassness or cliché at every turn. “The rich must get richer and the poor must stay poor” even suggests that Morrissey has replaced the Wilde at his bedside table with Thomas Piketty.

Make no mistake, this isn’t a track to light up Radio 2 in the way that “I’m Throwing My Arms Around Paris” or “First of the Gang to Die” have previously done, but it is a potent return that paves the way for a hugely anticipated comeback album. Morrissey is back, with a message that may disappoint his fan in Downing Street, but not Russell Brand

Check out this short promo video featuring Morrissey and Nancy Sinatra:



‘World Peace is None of Your Business’ is available for download NOW from Amazon on this link.

All words by Fergal Kinney who runs an indie and soul night at Gulliver’s in Manchester called “Let’s Make This Precious”. The first date is May 23rd, for more details visit @lmtprecious on Twitter.

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  1. A good assessment of the new track. At first the lyrics worried me, though I agree with the sentiment, because they were overly blunt and open – I usually like to delve into Morrissey’s lyrics with an interpretation of them, or have them spoken to me poetically, but this is very straight forward. Nonetheless, they grow and work well with the track, and it is probably a subject which is difficult to write about poetically.

    I think the instrumentation is great! There’re so many different layers to listen to, and, as the review has said, it is incredibly anthemic. Not Morrissey’s best song, but certainly not his worst, and it leaves you wanting the forthcoming album to forthcome a little faster!


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