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If Cambodian pop isn’t something you’re familiar with then today’s your lucky day for it marks the day you discovered CSP. And if Cambodian pop is something you’re familiar with then today’s also your lucky day too as we have a stream of the new album by brilliant Khymer pop ‘n’ rock ‘n’ roll sensation The Cambodian Space Project just for you. The album’s officially due out a week today but we’ve been granted an exclusive pre-release stream to share with our readers. Check it out below.

“A great band, a great night and (Thy) sang beautifully. The band was great; raw and the guitar solos leapt out!” Nick Cave

You know the drill – anything that gets the Nick Cave thumbs up has got to be good eh? So feel free to skip the rest if what I’ve got to say and just click play if you so choose…

Should you wish to find out a bit more about CSP though here goes:

Legend has it that Srey Thy, The Cambodian Space Project’s lead singer, was born into war and poverty. Shy spent the first 10 years of her life moving about the frontlines of conflict (post Pol Pot) with her father, a tank driver. As a teenager she was kidnapped and nearly found herself in a sex trafficking ring. Thy’s, though, is a success story – albeit one quite evidently mined in the face of adversity for, despite all the above and never having gone to school Thy is not only at the forefront of a revival of Khmer rock ’n’ roll but she’s also become a women’s rights activist in Cambodia and has also helped women worldwide as a Good Will Ambassador for UN Women’s UNiTE – a campaign to stop violence against women worldwide.

The band she fronts, The Cambodian Space Project (CSP), will in a week’s time release their third album ‘Whisky Cambodia’ via one of Louder Than War favourite labels, Metal Postcard Records. The album has been recorded with the backing of legendary Motown musician Dennis Coffey with CSP founder Julien Poulsen on production too, just to add another angle on it!

The album exhibits an explosion of cultures and 60s influences, being rooted in the musical history of Detroit and Cambodia. At heart it’s  a rock ‘n’ roll record with a Motown sheen upon which CSP’s Khmer rock and Cambodian-pop has been firmly planted to produce an extraordinary result. The album runs the gamut of styles but at heart it’s a psychedelic, bluesy trip through the basics of rock ‘n’ roll linked and overrun by Thy’s unmistakeable, hypnotic vocals.

Find out more about the band via their Website: cambodianspaceproject.com, their Facebook page and / or on twitter where they go by the name @cambodianspace.

. But not before diving into Whiskey Cambodia. below


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