Ex-Lurkers Men GLM Talk About The Release Of New Single ‘the Future Is Calling’

Ex-Lurkers men GLM talk about the release of new single ‘The Future Is Calling’ which can be downloaded for free from their website.

You may have read me going on about GLM in these hallowed virtual pages before, and here I go again! The original core of legendary British punks The Lurkers, now going by the name GLM, have released a new single which is available now for free download on their website.

As well as garnishing the best reviews of their career for the storming “Chemical Landslide” album (Unlatched Records), the band have been met as returning heroes by legions of old Lurkers fans. With this single, “The Future Is Calling”, they have served up a track which takes the classic Lurkers Fulham Fallout sound, gives it a good kicking, shakes it about a bit and thoroughly updates it for today in the process. It’s pop/punk with a lyrical twist, in that indomitable Lurkers style. Lurkers aficionados will perhaps be surprised to learn that it even mentions Fulham Fallout character “Jenny”, seemingly back amongst us and, er, rehabilitated. I met up with the band to talk about this latest GLM missive.

To my ears this is the best GLM track yet, combining the best of your new style with a real old “Fulham Fallout” feel. Can we expect more of this in the future from GLM?

Pete Stride (guitar and vocals): “We wanted to do some songs that were a bit more upbeat and melodic for a change. We’ve been hearing some comments from our old Lurkers fans that they thought Chemical Landslide was a great album but at the same time they would like a few more songs which were a bit more in the style of our Fulham Fallout period, with the very catchy choruses and quite quirky lyrics. So I am writing more in that vein at the moment and “The Future Is Calling” is a result of that. It’s even got Jenny in it, who says she “wants to go dance in a fountain, just to show how happy she can be.”

Ex-Lurkers Men GLM Talk About The Release Of New Single ‘the Future Is Calling’

This will be of particular interest to the old Lurkers contingent then! Nigel Moore (bass) agrees:

“The idea was to make something more poppy, returning to the earlier Lurkers sound, obviously without going straight back copying it. We want to do each musical direction within our range. I mean we’re hardly likely to have banks of keyboards on any record shortly, we wanna keep everything guitar orientated, but we want to move out a bit and see what we can do with it.”

It’s good to see a musical progression, keeping things fresh. The Chemical Landslide album was pretty dark in places. Pete “Esso” Haynes (drums) explains:

“I think perhaps the darkness has been exorcised with the Chemical Landslide album. We’re on a bit of a new footing. It’s definitely more poppy but it retains its power. Sometimes the contrast between a pop tune and serious lyrics can prove really effective.”

The GLM sound is still evident as well though. Pete Stride continues: “We have tried to keep it sounding very live and hopefully exciting, so it’s a little rough around the edges but that’s how we like it.”

So what can we expect next from the GLM camp?

Pete Stride concludes:

“We’ve got a few songs lined up with a similar sort of feel and I think the next one will be out in December. We are really working towards getting our second album out sometime next year. I think we’ve got a real positive direction to our music right now, and if we can sustain that energy then the next album should be very good indeed.”

Great news! You can keep up with the band’s activities on their website, here, and they’re even joining in with that there new-fangled social networking with their Facebook page.

The GLM website is here.

All words by Philip Thompson. More writing by Philip can be read on Louder Than War at his author’s archive.

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