<blockquote>3. IDAHO: ‘YEAR AFTER YEAR’ (1993)</blockquote>

<em>Idaho is an Indie Rock band originally founded as a duo by school friends Jeff Martin and John K. Berry in 1982.

Martin is the band’s main singer/songwriter, whose musical style has been described as ‘Sadcore’. Idaho’s debut album ‘Year After Year’ has been described as ‘one of the more morose compendiums in recent memory.’</em>

<blockquote>EWAN MORRISON</blockquote>: “Jeff Martin of Idaho is one of the lost talents of the 20th century. He should have been massive or at least respected. Musically Jeff sits somewhere close to The Red House Painters and Jeff Buckley; he has deep sonorous voice and abstract vocals that create a….sod it – this guy was my first huge man-crush.

“His voice is Melancholy, gentle and full of longing, he’s a hell of a song writer and he looks like James Dean on smack.

“Somebody once described Idaho’s sound as ‘Goth AOR’ and I threw a drink over them. In my perfect universe they’d be playing Idaho in shopping malls and nobody would buy a thing.”

<blockquote>Track: ‘Gone’</blockquote>
<iframe width=”465″ height=”25″ src=”//www.youtube.com/embed/DnsbjhzX3iY” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

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