10. SLINT: ‘SPIDERLAND’ (1991)

Slint was an experimental rock band that consisted of Brian McMahan (guitar and vocals), David Pajo (guitar), Britt Walford (drums), Todd Brashear / Ethan Buckler (bass). The band started in the early 1980s with McMahon and Walford performing together, before expanding to become Slint in 1986.

Slint’s debut album ‘Tweez’ gained some positive reviews, but it was the second album ‘Spiderland’ which proved to be the Slint’s most important, influential and enduring record.

Slint split-up in 1992, but reformed in 2005, 2007 and 2013.


: “Spiderland was the start of Post-Rock, it mixed hardcore nihilistic guitar music with subtle instrumental sections with whispery obscure vocals. It has a weird hypnotic power. It has been known to make old women weep. Some bits of it are earnest and even embarrassing but then there are these walls of pure noise which redeem everything.

“Music today is in a truly fucking terrible state and most of what is surviving and worthwhile, has its roots in the immense experiment in possibility that was Spiderland.

“As experiments go, it is tight, perfect, and as ground breaking a discovery as anti-depressants. In fact, recent scientific research show that listening to whispering can actually help-cure depression and give you a  brain-gasm.”

Track: ‘Don, Aman’.

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