evil Simon Cowell drops the average singer who went up against Rage Against The Machine

Joe Mcelderry is rumoured to have been dropped from the evil Simon Cowell’s dark star music empire. The young singer, who will go down in history as the talent show winner who went up against Rage Against The Machine for the christmas number and lost, has lost his deal. Remember when Cowell was pissed off about Rage beating Joe Nobody to the number one slot- it was about him and not the young singer.

His last single apparently sold 7000 copies- seems like a lot to me. Yet another example of the X Factor machine at its worst, the poor singer is probably looking at a future in pantomime. It’s yet another example of the way X Factor works- the series has nothing to do with music and nothing to do with the ‘artists’, it’s all about the judges and their ‘brand’. The people they are judging are mere props for the ‘brands’ to further their careers. Once mainstream music was about people like Elvis, the Beatles etc…now it’s about Simon Cowell’s smirk or Cheryl Cole miming her latest hit.


  1. If anyone goes on these Cowell type talent shows under any illusion it’s about themselves or any long-term artist development then they are very naive. I wouldn’t use Elvis Presly as an example of anything different either. He was manipulated by his manager Tom Parker all the way through his career for maximum profit. If Parker had had the genius idea of televising the whole audition process so the audience feels involved, thereby guaranteeing the record sales, then Presley would have been a flash in the pan to make way for the next one. He must be seething from the grave at Cowell wondering why he didn’t think of it in 1955!


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