Evil Blizzard; Preston 19th October 2013 – live review

Evil Blizzard;
The Mad Ferret, Preston
19th October 2013

Pics: Richard Nixon

The new Ferret has seen some nights recently but I am not sure if there has been a night like this for some time. Evil Blizzard, those merchants of 4 bass noise attack were there to launch their debut album and entertain a local crowd. The band hit the stage around 11pm to a full house and as quickly as it began it came to a halt.

It appeared that someone had broken or set off the fire alarm and all the lights and PA went out; well all but the backline amps so the band continued to play minus vocals, such are the theatrics involved with Evil Blizzard it looked planned but I’m sure it wasn’t.

The set comprised of songs from the debut album ‘The Dangers Of Evil Blizzard’ and as normal they took the songs to a new level. The album can’t possibly recreate the onslaught of a live Blizzard gig but I’m sure it will satisfy the listener in between shows.

The sound was loud and the crowd soaked it up. The noises that come out of this motley bunch of masked bass-men is like nothing you have heard. It has elements of PIL and Hawkwind but I won’t take it away from them, they are very original too. I don’t think there is a band in the UK like them and the way the songs build really seem to take the listener to a new dimension.

By the end of the set the place was shaking and the traditional set closer ‘Whalebomb’ was awesome. I have seen this band before and this was one of the best. The crowd joined them on the stage and made it almost impossible for them to play but in true Blizzard fashion basses were handed to the fans and they let them get on with it.

It all ended in a wonderful frenzy and once again the band left the stage to a shell-shocked audience… No encore but for a free gig I think they got their money’s worth!

Evil Blizzard; Preston 19th October 2013 – live review

Oh, just one more thing…a quote from someone outside

“I don’t know what I’ve just heard or seen but it was something I won’t forget”

Evil Blizzard ‘The Dangers Of Evil Bizzard’ is available to pre-order now; available in CD or Ltd pink vinyl from the Louder Than War Shop

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