Evil Blizzard at Ducie Bridge, Manchester – live review: 10 reasons why LTW will be releasing their albumEvil Blizzard
Ducie Bridge, Manchester
Saturday 14th Sept 2013

Evil Blizzard bandcamp

It’s packed in here – remarkable for a band at this stage of the game but then Evil Blizzard are no normal band.

In a blur of masks and madness and great hypnotic riffs the band demolish the room with a set of freak rock that is going to rock the festivals in 2014.

Louder Than War are releasing the band’s debut album in October and as I watch the sonic carnage on the stage I’m making a mental list of just why we are releasing the band.

1. The show is one thing but it’s the music that really counts. You can dress up as much as you want but if you can’t back it up with the decibel then you are wasting everyone’s time. EB have a set full of hypnotic drone rock classics that pull you into their mad world and are eminently danceable as the mosh pit in the creaking venue proves.

2. OK, we can’t deny the existence of the show- 5 burly blokes dressed in heist masks is effective and darkly amusing- it’s all at once hilarious and darkly terrifying- there’s a great bit when one of them makes whining sounds from a mini Theramin covered in a doll’s head- total drugs!

3. They have four basses! as someone who firmly belivies that the bass is the best instrument in rock n roll this is wonderful- it’s also something that was previously thought by scientists to have been impossible- to make four basses work- but they do- one plays deep dub rumble, one plays krautrock riffing, one is cranked through FX pedals and is like some kind of pychonaut keyboard and one does- well I’m not sure but it feels good.


4. Halfway through the set one band member enters the audience from front door dressed in white overauls and with a pig mask on and just…wanders about before standing on the stage staring through his mask- theatrical genius.

5. The drummer sings! This is really cool. EB don’t need  a frontman- they all front the band and the vocals come wailing from the drummer at the back- he’s also a really good singer.

6. The lyrics are minimilst and great- LSD stained lunacy but oddly catchy and hook into the mad world of the remaining underground- the real underground- not the Mercury prize fake alternative.

7. In a time when alternative has become commodified into sushi award cermonies and bland playlists it’s great to be confronted by the real thing- a genune freak show.

8. Songs- EB have songs- loads of them. this is not  a noise thing. It might be noisy but it’s also really catchy- the album sounds fab- you can listen to this in isolation from the mad antics from the stage.

9. The band is so aptly named- this really is an evil blizzard of sound.

10. When the weird get going, the going gets Evil Blizzard…

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