Evil Blizzard Barfly

Evil Blizzard Barfly

Evil Blizzard
London, Camden Barfly
28th Nov 2015

Evil Blizzard’s ear opening and mind bending “Everybody Come To Church” tour climaxes in Camden’s Barfly with a unique fairytale freak show…


With a look, sound and manifesto that’s distinctively more bizarre than bland, Evil Blizzard appear like a welcome breath of putrid air in today’s all-too-often formulaic and squeaky clean music scene.

Tonight Evil Blizzard perform at Camden’s Barfly for the final sell out show of their “Everybody Come To Church” album tour.

There’s a genuine buzz of anticipation as the 4 bassists and drummer/vocalist take to the stage, all dressed in their trademark obscure masks and outfits – from feather boa glam to boiler suit chic. Their sinister presence is spookily reminiscent of a scene from “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”. With sequins.

Following a creepy nursery rhyme intro, Evil Blizzard launch into “Sacrifice”, with it’s growling bass-lines and haunting druid-style vocals. The crowd, many of whom are also masked, bow down, listen and respond with enthusiasm.

The theatrics continue when the infamous Mop Man appears on stage during the eerie “Are You Evil?”, thrusting his mop into fans’ faces and bizarrely offering rewards of business cards to those on the receiving end of the mopping treatment. Later on, bassist/singer Filthy Dirty curiously teases the audience with a doll’s head before slipping it inside his overly fitted pink sequinned pants.

It’s a crazy, high octane and immersive experience which musically echoes Black Sabbath, The Fall and Butthole Surfers – all shaken up with a contemporary twist. Evil Blizzard are tight and manage to balance confident musical accomplishment with dark pantomime trickery to tremendous effect.

They close with the awesome “Watching” after which they jokingly demand “tell us now if you want an encore ‘cos we’re getting too old to leave this f*cking stage and come back on”. And of course we get our encore!

I’m left feeling satisfied, confused, ecstatic, and (of course) mopped. What the hell was that? I’m really not sure but I know I want lots more!


You can find Evil Blizzard online here: evilblizzard.com. They’re also on Facebook and twitter as @evil_blizzard.

All words and photos by Paul Grace. Paul is on Facebook, tweets as @pgracephoto and his website is www.paulgrace-eventphotos.co.uk

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