Evil Blizzard announce new collectors label – Mr Lewis – for collectors lathe cut 7 inch singles


Mr Lewis Records is the brainchild of Evil Blizzard’s singing drummer Mark Whiteside and a very different quirky new label. Set up during the boredom of lockdown, the idea came about after wanting to release a one-off, one-sided coloured vinyl 7” lathe cut single of his own music. Deciding to go further Mark thought it would be good to set his own label up that releases one-off singles but also making it non-profit making. 

Sounds insane to want to make no money doesn’t it?

People have said so, and yes it goes against the idea of a business in a capitalist world but the point of this label is to give something to the buyer at a cost only price and also give a possible new artist exposure. The Label receive nothing and neither does the band. Well apart from being part of this little club and knowing someone has a one off song of their music. 

That’s the USP. This release will be the only one in the world on this Label. It will not be remade by the Label, and the buyer is safe in this knowledge. A sort of exclusive record club that both them and artist are part of. After purchase the buyer will receive an email with more information about the artist they have bought.

So how does it work in reality?

For the artist it is as simple as sending the label one of their tracks on MP3 or Wav and Mr Lewis Records will take it from there. Advertise the single on their Facebook page for purchase. The vinyl will then be made by Bladud Files in Wales. It’s that easy.

Mark told us that he had sold his own singles before as bid only releases and many people said they would love to own one but knew they probably would be outbid so didn’t bother. With these releases the only thing you need to do to get one is to reply quick when they are advertised and pay the modest amount, which currently is £13 for the single with postage.

Mark added “I believe that to own a one off single by an artist you may like or not have heard before is a great thing”. “You may receive a song by someone who goes on to worldwide fame”. “Even if you only own it as a collector of a unique item is still cool”.

The label has already started to receive attention from bands and solo artists. The first release was by Bobo Ft Karl Hildebrandt and a second release from Lulumonde. Both singles were sold in 2 minutes and both very different.

Other acts lined up for release are Carol Hodge who plays with Steve Ignorant, Anna Swannell, HAQ 123, Firtho, Desks, The Membranes, Dan Wilde and Land Sharks.

Not bad going for a label that has only been in existence a short time. Add to that from New York the hard core band Going Postal who will be releasing a rare track in 2021.

The label has also been talking to other more established artists such as Mark Hennessey who was lead singer with the US Grunge band PAW and Peter Coyle from The Lotus Eaters. The label hopes they can release something from them in the future. 

It is still early days and it will be great to release more music in the coming months said Mark, either from known or unknown acts. Looking at maybe two or three singles per month maximum or even random special releases means it’s not something that loses its appeal to the buyer.

So what have you got to lose?

You send to the label and someone, somewhere in the world gets to own it. The most unique item that can be treasured. 

If the artist wishes to release the song themselves after that is fine.

Of course it won’t be quite as cool as being on Mr Lewis!

For further information, please check out the label on Facebook and send a message via the page if you would like to be considered as a future release.


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