Evil Blizzard album comes with great artwork – interview with the artists by BlizzpigBlizzPig talks to Arne Wald, official Evil Blizzard illustrator.

The album is available now from Louder Than War shop

With the release of The Dangers of Evil Blizzard now upon us, I took the opportunity to talk to official band illustrator Arne Wald from Hamburg. Arne’s very special illustration features on the art packed sleeve work of our debut release on Louder than War Records.

Arne stumbled across the band on one of his annual visits to the UK where he tries to take in as many gigs as he possibly can. He caught the band live at the Islington Academy on one of our now legendary slots supporting The Fall. With a generally apathetic reaction from the ”too cool to clap” London hipsters Arne saw what he described as “the most jaw dropping show in 30 years of gig-going”.

Shortly after his return to Hamburg Arne set to work on his first Evil Blizzard related piece of artwork. This was an interpretation of an official band photograph taken by John Middleham.

BlizzPig:  How long does it typically take you to complete a piece of your artwork?

Arne: The main size of my pictures is 50cm by 70cm and it depends on the picture, but usually between 25-50 hours.

BlizzPig: What materials do you prefer to work with?

Arne: I use the backside of Chromolux paper and paint with permanent marker (edding 3000 and 3300), fine liner (stabilo Point 88 fine 0.4) and ballpen (Schneider 75M).

BlizzPig: Do you draw influences from anywhere, as your artwork seems very original to us?

Arne: No influences but inspirations. I loved the collages on the Crass covers and Nick Blinks paintings in the late 70’s early 80’s.

BlizzPig: How did you feel when Dirty Filthy asked if he could include your work in the artwork of our debut album?

Arne: I never thought about this, I just painted the picture because I had it in my head. It made me proud when Dirty Filthy asked me if you could use the artwork. It is unbelievable to be part of this fantastic project.


BlizzPig: Have you ever sold any of your work or been commissioned to produce a piece?

Arne: I have never sold anything. I have been commissioned to paint a few pictures for family and friends, mainly used as presents. These were small pictures painted with acrylic colours. These are a little different to my usual work.

BlizzPig: What was your impression of Evil Blizzard when you first saw them perform live?

Arne: I had the chance to see Evil Blizzard as support for The Fall in London last year. I did not expect anything because I had never heard of them before but this gig was so fantastic and unexpected to me. Evil Blizzard is not just a band of musicians wearing masks and playing music. That evening was a real piece of art on stage. I have seen and heard a few hundred bands up to now but never have I experienced so much fun and creativity. Fantastic.

BlizzPig: You like to travel to the UK once a year and try to see as many bands as you can. Tell us about your previous visits and some of the bands that you have seen.

Arne: I love different types of music and I love to travel. In 2009i went to Watford to see Sad Lovers and Giants at a very special gig for friends and family. I have seen Gary Numan four times since 2010, Ginger Wildheartt, Faith No More and GlasVegas (all in Manchester).I’ve been to a fantastic rave in Leicester, where Orbital performed, and travelled to London to see Amplifier and IQ amongst others.  I mainly spend my time seeing bands that do not perform in my hometown of Hamburg. Whilst in the country I have travelled to Liverpool, Leeds and Brighton to see, hear and smell life in the UK.

BlizzPig: You used to play bass in a band yourself, tell us a little about them, what style of music did you play? Have you any ambitions to join Evil Blizzard onstage one day?

Arne: I started with a punk band in 1979. I just tried to make the music that I had in my head. Later I have been in several bands always trying to create something special. Our inspirations were Wire, Husker Du, Crass and Dead Can Dance amongst others, but we always looked to create an individual sound and way of making music. My last band ipp Lunn split up this Spring. My longstanding friend and drummer Ragnar decide to commit suicide so I do not want to make music at the moment. But I always have music in my mind and I’m sure that one day in the future I will make some new music. It would be a great honour to be on stage with Evil Blizzard one day

iip Lunn “So Lone”


BlizzPig: Do you have any ambition to exhibit your work one day

Arne: In 2005 I had an exhibition in a small gallery in Hamburg called the Vernisage. Lots of my friends came along and we had a great party, it was fantastic. However the gallery was too small and not many people came to see my work. It would be great to exhibit in a place where more people can see my work.


At the time of writing Arne Wald is in discussion with DirtyFilthy to unleash a limited number of signed original prints to an unsuspecting art world. Keep checking the Evil Blizzard page on Facebook for updates.

Evil Blizzard album comes with great artwork – interview with the artists by Blizzpig

The Dangers of Evil Blizzard is available to buy now in Limited edition Pink vinyl or CD from Louder than War Records.



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