everybody must get stoned-  Boy brand One Direction in smoking dope accusation







Boy brand One Direction were reeling in shock at a tabloid photo of one of their members Zach or Zik or Twaggy being photographed leaving a gig in Peru apparently smoking the dread Marijuana- whether this is true or not never matters in these kind of stories but apparently the dark lord Simon Cowell is furious and the band are in sorts of ‘trouble’. It seems that getting pissed on booze is still not a drug and toking the dread weed is the end of all civilisation and not the vaguely not that exciting drug that students smoke.

We wonder if this means that the band are about to accelerate into their Sgt Peppers period- odd facial hair, exotic drugs and a burst in creativity to change the course of music but we just remembered that most of these things are not part of their brief and as long as the PR goons can shut the story down and the band can still prance about on the stage for a couple more years then Brand 1D will survive.


This hilarious idea that pop stars have to be wholesome and ‘squeaky clean’ is bizarre. There isa great picture of a deluded teenage fan burning her 1D memorabilia whilst wearing the Rolling Stones T shirt with Mick Jagger’s leering tongue- there are so many contradictions there that you would have to be truly stoned to miss any of them. Does this mean their teeny army of fans are all going to get stoned or will they grow up to be good citizens and get drunk every weekend instead?


The history of pop is littered with genius bursts of creativity down to drugs and very little remains from the endless boy bands but I don’t think we have to worry about that happening here. In the late sixties the Beatles were zonked and Hermans Hermits were still a few beers grinning for cameras band- the rest is pop history.

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